Conversion Story of Shakira Graham (7th Nov. 99)

My Conversion to Islam

Name:Sister Shakira Graham


About Yourself: I am a 21 year old student at Modesto Junior College

studying to become a high school teacher. I am an only child. I hope 


Allahís blessing to transfer to the University of Alabama next year.

How I came to Islam: Well I came from a very pious Christian family who 


devout church goers. I never really totally understood many aspects of 

Christianity like the trinity, living God thing,ect. I started to study 

other religions and Islam caught my eye. I should say I was guided to 


by Allah(pb)! I read everything I could at the library,serched the 


and prayed heavily about it. Finally the light turned onabout how this 


the one true religion. Everything made sence and fit together. I 


that Islam was the true guiding path and 6 months ago I took shahada. 


then I have had an inner peace I never had.

What difficulties have I encountered? At first I kept my conversion a 


from my mother who I live with because I didnít know how she would 


When I finally told her she didnít understand why I picked Islam. She 


that why canít I pick a normal religion instaed of one of oppression. I 

tried to talk to her about Ramadan which was coming up and I gave her 


stuff to read but she is still not very happy about my conversion. She 


only tolerant of it.

Message to non-Muslims: If Allah(pb) is guiding you to Islam donít 

fight it. 

Do all the research you need,take your time and then just submit.It 


give you peace of mind you have never known. If there is a mosque in 


town give it a call and talk to some of the muslims there.


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