Emma, Ann and a sex doll that upsets Muslims

Published: 09 February 2006


* The latest public figure to stand accused of
defiling the Prophet Mohamed is not some Danish
cartoonist, or French newspaper editor, but a hapless
British Page 3 girl called Emma B.

Yesterday, the erotic retailer Ann Summers unveiled
Miss B as the "face" of its new range of products.

Not 24 hours later, she finds herself on the front
line of Islamic protest after Muslim leaders
discovered that the range includes a new blow-up doll,
called "Mustafa Shag".

Unfortunately, Mustafa was one of the names given to
the Prophet Mohamed. Bestowing it upon, in the words
of its catalogue, "an inflatable escort for your
hen-night adventures" is considered highly offensive.

The Manchester Central Mosque has already written to
the firm, calling on it to withdraw the product.


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