Anti-Prophet Danish Cartoons News, Articles and Links

Denmark And Jyllands-Posten: The Background To A Provocation

Danish paper rejected Jesus cartoons

Kiku Day: Denmark's new values - The Guardian

Anti-Prophet Cartoons: Muslims' Role

Sarah Joseph: The freedom that hurts us

Ramzy Baroud: Punishing Denmark, the wrong enemy

Robert Fisk: Don't Be Fooled This Isn't an Issue of Islam versus Secularism

Ibrahim Hooper: What would Muhammad Do?

Haroon Siddiqui: Cartoons, Freedom to Abuse

Sukhvinder Stubbs: It's about discretion and good taste

Bashy Quraishy: Is There Nothing Sacred?

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: The double standards over free speech

Qaradawi Condemns Violent Cartoon Protests

Why the Western urge to ridicule the Prophet? - Karen Armstrong

Tariq Ramadan: Cartoon conflicts

Brian Whitaker: Drawn conclusions

Anas Altikriti: This is not a cartoon war

What is the Cartoon controversy?

Imam Zaid Shakir: Clash of the Uncivilized: Insights on the Cartoon Controversy

Fareena Alam: Why I reject the anarchists who claim to speak for Islam

Sayyid Qutb: In the Face of Abuse and Hardship

'I was convinced we had found a solution to living together - not now'

Parvez Ahmed: Danish Cartoon Controversy was avoidable

Cartoons show lack of civility says Archbishop Williams

Parvez Ahmed: The flap over Danish cartoons could have been avoided

John L. Esposito: Muslims and the West: A Culture War?

The children's author who ignited a worldwide protest

Francesca Klug: Enlightened values - Guardian

Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia - Islam Online

Conflict in the Global Age: The Case of Danish Cartoon Crisis - European Scientific Journal, May 2014 [PDF]

The Rage Game, Putting On The brakes - IslamiCity

27/09/2015 Decade on, Danish Mohammed cartoonist has no regrets - Times of Israel
20/06/2008 Muslims Take Prophet Cartoons to EU Court
15/02/2008 Danish Muslims "Localize" Cartoon Crisis - Islam Online
14/02/2008 Danish papers reprint cartoon of Muhammad - The Guardian
26/10/2007 Danish-Muslim leader lampoons far-right over latest prophet cartoon - The Guardian
26/10/2006 Cartoons Ruling Upsets Danish Muslims - Islam Online
10/10/2006 Muslims angry at new Danish cartoons scandal - The Guardian
08/10/2006 Danish Muslims Won't Be Provoked
08/10/2006 Denmark's prime minister condemns latest mocking of Prophet Muhammad
30/09/2006 How one of the biggest rows of modern times helped Danish exports to prosper - The Guardian
09/09/2006 Cartoons row hits Danish exports - BBC
26/05/2006 Denmark Condemned for Mishandling Cartoon Crisis
06/04/2006 An Awakening of European Muslims
30/03/2006 Cartoon row author rewrites Koran - BBC
25/03/2006 Muslim scholars in cartoon talks
15/03/2006 Five held over cartoon protests - BBC
13/03/2006 Muslims Hail Italian Jews' Stance on Cartoons - Islam Online
03/02/2006 Muslim students protest column in student newspape
01/03/2006 Writers issue cartoon row warning - BBC
01/03/2006 Full text: Writers' statement on cartoons - BBC
27/02/2006 EU regrets 'offensive' cartoons - BBC
27/02/2006 It takes more than tea and biscuits to overcome indifference and fear
27/02/2006 CAIR Responds to Muslim Cartoon Controversy
27/02/2006 Students to raise Islam awareness
26/02/2006 Show the Cartoons, or Show Respect?
24/02/2006 Christians defend attacks on Muslims in Nigeria
23/02/2006 Protest over cartoon sparks lively debate
23/02/2006 Denmark Welcomes "Know-Prophet" Visit, Builds Bridges
23/02/2006 80 Killed in Nigeria's Anti-Muslim Violence
23/02/2006 Revenge attacks kill 20 Nigerian Muslims
23/02/2006 Nigerian religious violence kills 96
22/02/2006 BNP to use Prophet cartoon in campaign
21/02/2006 Cartoon row draws from well of discontent - Guardian
21/02/2006 OIC denounces cartoons violence - BBC
20/02/2006 Cartoons seen as sign of contempt
20/02/2006 Al-Qaeda 'will use cartoon row'
20/02/2006 Saudi paper 'shut' in cartoon row - BBC
20/02/2006 Nigerian Muslims Denounce Attacks on Churches - Islam Online
20/02/2006 Church ablaze as cartoon protests continue across globe - Guardian
20/02/2006 'The Cartoons Betray The Racism Of The West' - Outlook India
19/02/2006 Danish cartoonist: 'No regrets'
19/02/2006 Nigeria cartoon riots kill 16
19/02/2006 Islamic group tackles cartoon controversy - Chicago Tribune
18/02/2006 At least nine killed in Libya as cartoon protests escalate
18/02/2006 Ten killed as cartoon protests spread to Libya
17/02/2006 Islamic scholars call for new law in cartoon protest
17/02/2006 Denmark closes Pakistan embassy
17/02/2006 Iranians rename Danish pastries - BBC
17/02/2006 Printing Cartoons Like Shouting 'Fire,' Says Religious Leader
16/02/2006 Danish Paper Slams "Special Treatment" for Muslims
16/02/2006 Berlusconi Asks Minister to Quit Over Cartoons - Islam Online
16/02/2006 Man Bites God - Outlook, India
16/02/2006 Not This Way To Valhalla - Outlook, India
16/02/2006 NIU newspaper latest to join fray over Danish cartoons
16/02/2006 Fresh Pakistan cartoon protests - BBC
16/02/2006 Western businesses burn in Pakistan riots
15/02/2006 Iran demands apology over German cartoon
15/02/2006 U.S. Muslims put cartoon dispute in perspective
15/02/2006 Two die in cartoons protest as Pakistani violence worsens
15/02/2006 Pakistan cartoon violence spreads
15/02/2006 Italy minister stirs cartoon row
15/02/2006 Euro MPs condemn cartoon protests - BBC
14/02/2006 Paper apologizes after cartoon flap
14/02/2006 School editors say they were suspended for running Islamic cartoons
13/02/2006 Vandals in Denmark Strike Muslim Graves
13/02/2006 Algeria cartoon publishers jailed - BBC
13/02/2006 Danish PM talks to Muslim group - BBC
13/02/2006 U.S. Muslims Try to Ease Europe's Discord
13/02/2006 Assimilation, tolerance mark U.S. Muslims' reaction to cartoons
12/02/2006 Muslims march in London over cartoons
12/02/2006 Muslims fly flag for peaceful protest against cartoons
12/02/2006 Indonesia laments Danish pullout - BBC
12/02/2006 I'm proud of my son - whatever's said about him
12/02/2006 The two faces of Islam UK - Independent
11/02/2006 U.S. seeks right tone in cartoon uproar
11/02/2006 Livingstone Leads Thousands in Cartoon Protest
11/02/2006 Danish Imams Fume at Cartoon Punishment
11/02/2006 Muslim rally organisers tell extremists to stay away
11/02/2006 Reborn extremist sect had key role in London protest
11/02/2006 Call to reinstate papers closed in cartoon row
10/02/2006 Muslims are reaching out to fellow Canadians in hopes of erasing images of cartoon violence
10/02/2006 Militant Muslim protesters face arrest
10/02/2006 Windows smashed at Wiltshire mosque
10/02/2006 Sweden shuts website over cartoon - BBC
10/02/2006 How a meeting of leaders in Mecca set off the cartoon wars around the world
10/02/2006 Muslims disgusted at sex doll insult to Islam - Muslim News
10/02/2006 Ghana Muslims protest caricaturing of Prophet Muhammad
10/02/2006 Kenyan riot police clash with Muslim protesters
10/02/2006 Many cartoons address Muslim protests, but few depict Muhammad
10/02/2006 Islam-West divide 'grows deeper'
09/02/2006 What the Muhammad cartoons portray
09/02/2006 Tolerance Is Preached But Not Practiced
09/02/2006 About 2, 000 Muslims protest in Bangladesh - Muslim News
09/02/2006 US says Iran and Syria stoking cartoon protests
08/02/2006 Muslim rally to condemn cartoons and extremists
08/02/2006 Chirac warns media over cartoons
08/02/2006 World figures deplore cartoon row - BBC
08/02/2006 France: Muslim plea fails
08/02/2006 University drops editor over cartoon
07/02/2006 Robert Fisk: Now Lebanon is Burning
07/02/2006 Four die in Afghanistan as anti-Danish protests rage
07/02/2006 Nigerian MPs burn Denmark's flag
07/02/2006 Why cartoons sparked furor - Chicago Tribune
07/02/2006 Protesters at Philadelphia Paper Ask It to Apologize for Cartoon
06/02/2006 Consumer boycotts sweep Middle-East
06/02/2006 Erdogan, Zapatero Urge Respect, Calm Over Cartoons
06/02/2006 Muslim cartoon fury claims lives
06/02/2006 Copenhagen rues its lost tolerance - The Times
06/02/2006 'Suicide bomber' protester apologises
06/02/2006 Danish embassy in Tehran attacked
06/02/2006 Authorities backed Damascus riots, say protesters
06/02/2006 Arrest extremist marchers, police told
06/02/2006 Danes issue travel warning list
06/02/2006 Lebanon minister quits over riot
05/02/2006 Muslim anger over Danish cartoon displays global disconnect
05/02/2006 Embassies ablaze as Muslim anger spreads
05/02/2006 The inside story of the newspaper cartoons that inflamed the Islamic world
04/02/2006 Cartoon controversy spreads throughout Muslim world - Guardian
04/02/2006 From London to Jakarta, fury at Mohamed cartoons grows
04/02/2006 Speaking out: Views on cartoon outcry
04/02/2006 Mohamed: Flesh and blood
04/02/2006 Does the right to freedom of speech justify printing the Danish cartoons?
03/02/2006 Friday Sermons Berate Cartoons, Urge Action - Islam Online
03/02/2006 US sides with Muslims in cartoon dispute
03/02/2006 Day of Muslim Fury Over Cartoons - Islam Online
03/02/2006 Why Muslims are mad over prophet cartoons
03/02/2006 British Muslims protest over cartoons
03/02/2006 Protesters storm Danish embassy over cartoons
03/02/2006 Mohamed: the messenger of Allah
03/02/2006 Threat to Europeans over 'hostile' Mohamed cartoons
03/02/2006 MPACUK Defends The Prophet (SAWS) On The BBC
03/02/2006 European elite scrambles to defuse furore over caricatures of Muhammad
03/02/2006 Jordanian editor sacked over cartoons - Guardian
02/02/2006 Q&A: Depicting the Prophet Muhammad - BBC
02/02/2006 Warnings Cartoons Risk Violence
02/02/2006 Anger as papers reprint cartoons of Muhammad
02/02/2006 More European papers defy Muslim protests
02/02/2006 Prophetic fallacy - Guardian
02/02/2006 Islam forbids visual depiction of Muhammad - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
02/02/2006 Free Speech Is Not Freedom to Cause Hatred - It's Not just Muslims Who Think This!
02/02/2006 MPACUK Digs & Finds Israeli Zionist Axel Owns German Newspaper!
01/02/2006 Outrage As Mosques & Student Islamic Societies Allow Attack On Prophet PBUH
01/02/2006 Bomb threat to repentant Danish paper - Guardian
01/02/2006 The Danes, the Prophet and the pace of rage - Globe and Mail, Canada
31/01/2006 Danish Muslims Urge Calm After Apology
31/01/2006 Danish paper sorry for Muhammad cartoons - Guardian
31/01/2006 Fury grows over Denmark cartoons - Al Jazeera
31/01/2006 Danes face growing Muslim storm - BBC
30/01/2006 Denmark's Costly Blunder - Islam Online
30/01/2006 Gaza EU offices raided by gunmen - BBC
30/01/2006 Libya shuts embassy in protest at Danish cartoons
28/01/2006 Muslims Step Up Product Boycott Over Danish Cartoons
05/11/2005 Anti-Prophet Danish Cartoons on OIC Summit Agenda
20/10/2005 Muslim Diplomats Protest Anti-Prophet Danish Cartoons
13/10/2005 Paper threatened over drawings of Muhammad
06/10/2005 Imam demands apology for Mohammed cartoons - The Copenhagen Post


Anti-Prophet Cartoon: Freedom of Expression or Deliberate Provocation?


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