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25/11/2016 Islamophobia debates in Japan
18/11/2016 Amazon Tackles Islamophobia In Heartwarming Christmas Ad
03/12/2015 A 'witch-hunt' for Poland's barely visible refugees
08/05/2015 Tajikistan debates ban on Arabic names as part of crackdown on Islam
15/04/2014 Nigeria - Disu Kamor: Islamophobia: Thriving at the National Orthopedic Hospital and LUTH
15/04/2014 Latent and manifest Islamophobia: An inception of ideas
11/04/2014 CoE report confirms concerns about Islamophobia in Denmark
03/04/2014 The Muslims Are Coming!: Islamophobia, Extremism, and the Domestic War on Terror – review
27/11/2013 Why can't Spider-Man convert to Islam?
08/10/2013 Russian court bans Qur'an translation
28/09/2013 International 'Islamophobia' Conference Promotes Sharia Agenda
27/09/2013 Islamophobia and Israel Politics – a series of articles in Alternet
12/09/2013 Esposito slams Islamophobia in Egypt
25/01/2013 'Islamist' As Coded Language
03/01/2013 The myth of the murderous Muslim
11/10/2012 Deepa Kumar: Islamophobia and the Politics Of Empire
21/12/2005 Two Explosions Reported at Ohio Mosque
28/10/2005 O'Reilly: closing public schools for Muslim holiday "absurd in a Judeo-Christian country"
14/09/2005 Muslims' concerns grow
10/09/2005 Muslims face misconceptions From hate crimes to school bullies
25/08/2005 Worker upset by threats in notes
17/08/2005 Suffer the Little Muslims
24/05/2005 Church sign sparks debate
04/04/2005 Countering islamophobia - Islamicity
23/03/2005 Islamophobia conference educates
22/03/2005 Attacks on Jews and Muslims soar in France
21/12/2004 'Islamophobia' Spreading Far and Wide - Thalif Deen
09/12/2004 Muslim Group Asks U.S. to Probe Mosque Blazes
08/12/2004 Eye on Eurasia: Islamophobia rising
08/12/2004 Islamophobia...A Term Criticized in UN Seminar - Islam Online
30/11/2004 Islam Post 9/11: Islamophobia in Austin
26/11/2004 Baptist pastor's islamophobic words shock Muslim leaders - Star Telegram, USA
22/11/2004 Islamophobia makes British Muslims feel increasingly 'isolated' in their own country
22/11/2004 Report: 'Islamophobia' growing in Britain - Washington Times
03/11/2004 Teenagers 'Left Victim Blind in Ferocious Attack' - Scotsman
03/08/2004 Media ‘hate’ columnists feed Islamaphobia - Asian News
23/07/2004 Religion as a fig leaf for racism - Guardian, UK
03/06/2004 "UK is institutionally Islamaphobic" - says MEP
10/05/2004 Disgraceful acts against Muslims
22/04/2004 Man held 'because he's Muslim' - News 24, South Africa
20/04/2004 Britain's Muslims fear 'Islamaphobia' - MSNBC
13/02/2004 No place for French Muslims on party list - Guardian, UK
12/01/2004 Islamophobia should be as unacceptable as racism - Guardian, UK
29/08/2002 UK 'Islamophobia' rises after 11 September - BBC
26/07/2002 Secret Service Suspends Agent For Islam Slur
09/07/2002 A strange kind of freedom
14/06/2002 Site for mosque hit with graffiti
11/06/2002 Bible of the Muslim haters - Guardian, UK
05/06/2002 Muslim dies after worshippers at mosque attacked - The Times, UK
14/05/2002 Call this monster by its name - Guardian, UK
30/01/2002 Beating of Muslim woman on city bus called result of Sept. 11 racist backlash


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