Islamophobia in Germany

Germany’s Islamophobes: A social movement or flash mob? - Al Jazeera

22/03/2019 Germany's relentless campaign to silence pro-Palestinian voices - Al Jazeera
10/10/2018 Far-right German NGO, Alternative Help Association, visits Syria, tells refugees to return - Al Jazeera
29/08/2018 German police leaked details of Iraqi migrant stabbing suspect to far-right group Pegida - Independent, UK
06/06/2018 Why has an anti-immigrant 'extremist' NGO set up in Lebanon? - Al Jazeera
20/04/2018 German town braces for arrival of neo-Nazis at music festival timed to coincide with Adolf Hitler’s birthday - The Guardian
04/03/2018 Anti-Muslim 'incidents' surge in Germany, Spain - 950 attacks reportedly on Muslims and mosques in Germany in 2017 - Al Jazeera
24/01/2018 Far-right politician, Arthur Wagner, converts to Islam, quits AfD party - Al Jazeera
02/01/2018 Two members of Germany's far-right party, Alternative for Germany (AfD), investigated by state prosecutor - The Guardian
28/11/2017 Pro-refugee mayor of Altena in Germany, Andreas Hollstein, stabbed - Al Jazeera
15/06/2017 Revisiting Germany's xenophobic Rostock riots of 1992 - Al Jazeera
09/05/2017 German soldiers 'wanted to pose as asylum seekers in planned terror plot'
03/05/2017 Gang 'hunting refugees' beat man to death in Germany
27/09/2016 Germany: Dresden mosque bombed in 'xenophobic' attack
08/06/2015 Germany's anti-Islam Pegida makes surprise gains in first election bid
07/05/2015 Four arrested in Germany over 'plot against Muslims'
15/01/2015 Killing of Eritrean refugee in Dresden exposes racial tensions in Germany
14/01/2015 Protests Against Islamophobia And Racism Sweep Germany
13/01/2015 Thousands rally against Islamophobia in Germany
13/01/2015 Merkel pledges to stand against intolerance as she joins Muslim rally
25/12/2014 Islamophobia Threat Grows in Germany
04/12/2014 Muslims Lack Patriotism: Germans Claim
07/08/2014 Germans Do Not See Islam Part of Society
05/03/2014 Germany's New Islamophobia Boom
28/03/2013 Muslim Holidays Irk German Rulers
02/01/2008 German Muslims angry at "anti-foreigner" campaign
27/10/2006 2 German soldiers suspended for skull photos
01/06/2006 German State Bans Hijab-clad Teachers
07/05/2006 German Muslims Suffer Religious Discrimination: Minister
24/01/2006 Muslim undesirables need not apply
19/01/2005 German Muslims Urged to Unite Against Racism


Islam in Germany and German Muslims

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