Islam in Germany and German Muslims

Germany Flag

Capital: Berlin
Population: 82 Million
Muslims Percent: 5% (approx 4.1 Million)


Islam's influence in Germany grows

Making Islam Part of Germany

How Germany used Islam during World War I - Al Jazeera

Jihad and Islam in World War I - Edited by Erik-Jan Zürcher, March 2016 [PDF]

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11/06/2018 Muslims serve food and friendship in Ramadan to beat far right - Al Jazeera
06/06/2018 Why has an anti-immigrant 'extremist' NGO set up in Lebanon? - Al Jazeera
24/01/2018 Far-right politician, Arthur Wagner, converts to Islam, quits AfD party - Al Jazeera
28/11/2017 Pro-refugee mayor of Altena in Germany, Andreas Hollstein, stabbed - Al Jazeera
03/10/2017 Islam in Germany: Muslims prefer to be talked to rather than talked about - Deutsche Welle
20/04/2017 How Germany used Islam during World War I
15/07/2016 Marriages between Turks and foreigners on the rise, bring problems for Turkish women
08/07/2016 Germany’s integration problem
14/10/2015 How the refugee influx may shake up Germany’s Muslim community
04/09/2015 Converts to Islam: German Islam
04/09/2015 Asylum seekers in Germany convert to Christianity, swell congregations
02/09/2015 Europe’s fear of Muslim refugees echoes rhetoric of 1930s anti-Semitism
08/06/2015 Germany's anti-Islam Pegida makes surprise gains in first election bid
07/05/2015 Four arrested in Germany over 'plot against Muslims'
18/01/2015 A Muslim’s Response to the 25,000 Anti-Islam Protesters in Germany
15/01/2015 Killing of Eritrean refugee in Dresden exposes racial tensions in Germany
13/01/2015 Thousands rally against Islamophobia in Germany
13/01/2015 Merkel pledges to stand against intolerance as she joins Muslim rally
05/01/2015 Germany’s Islamophobes: A social movement or flash mob?
05/10/2013 Lower Saxony To Recognize Islam
18/07/2012 Disillusioned German Islamists Abandoning Jihad - SPIEGEL
11/04/2009 A tale of tolerance for German Muslims
15/03/2009 German Muslims: Trying to better integrate and improve their lives
11/03/2009 Germany to Resettle 2,500 Iraqi Refugees From Jordan, Syria
10/03/2009 Strasbourg: Muslims demand bigger mosque
19/01/2009 German Mosques: A Journey of Discovery
14/12/2008 Germany's biggest and newest mosque: Merkez mosque
25/10/2008 Muslim watershed Germany's biggest mosque opens
23/10/2008 Integration Lessons for Berlin Imams
19/10/2008 Penzberg Mosque…Bavaria's Best Building
29/08/2008 Germany's Largest Mosque to See Light
11/08/2008 Projecting Old Dhaka in Germany
10/08/2008 OIC slams anti-Islam congress in Germany
15/07/2008 Germany: Secret Questioning of Foreigners
15/05/2008 Headscarf Law Applies to All Religious Coverings, Judges Say - Deutsche Welle
14/03/2008 German Schools to Teach Islam
10/03/2008 Muslims and Islam in Germany
22/01/2008 Muslim Activist Critical of 'Multicultural Mistake'
21/01/2008 Muslim Women Behind Wall of Silence in Germany
02/01/2008 German Muslims angry at "anti-foreigner" campaign
12/12/2007 German Muslims Undergo Changes
04/10/2007 German Mosques Build Bridges
15/07/2007 Mosque stirs racial passion in Germany
23/03/2007 German judge invokes Qur'an to deny abused wife a divorce
01/03/2007 Appeal over baby named Jihad
25/11/2006 German Muslims Extol Halal Butchery Ruling
16/11/2006 German Muslims Show Prophet
28/10/2006 German paper publishes new Afghan skull photos
27/10/2006 2 German soldiers suspended for skull photos
25/09/2006 Study Challenges Widely-held Notions About Islamic Headscarf
09/09/2006 German Muslims Pray For 9/11 Victims
24/08/2006 German Muslims Help Fight Extremism
01/06/2006 German State Bans Hijab-clad Teachers
29/05/2006 Germany Seeks "Social Contract" for Muslims
07/05/2006 German Muslims Suffer Religious Discrimination: Minister
27/04/2006 German Exhibition Promotes Peaceful Islam
09/04/2006 Merkel Invites Muslim Leaders to Integration Talks
10/02/2006 German 'Muslim test' stirs anger
24/01/2006 Hoffman Advises German Muslims on "Integrity"
24/01/2006 Muslim undesirables need not apply
14/01/2006 Berlin admits giving US bombing targets in Iraq
31/12/2005 German state eyes Muslim applicants
29/12/2005 Germany Proposes Tagging "Violence-prone Islamists"
12/12/2005 German Muslims Dream of Trouble-free Hajj
07/12/2005 Germany's victim of extraordinary rendition sues in US courts as Rice is forced on defensive
28/11/2005 Islamic Science - Rebuilding the past
28/09/2005 German Muslims Mobilize to Clear Misconceptions
24/09/2005 Five Muslims Elected to German Parliament
18/07/2005 Germany Mulls Spying on All Mosques
25/05/2005 German Muslims Proved Their Mettle: Activist
19/04/2005 German Muslims Urged to Unite Against Racism
18/04/2005 German School Students Well Acquainted With Islam: Poll
17/04/2005 Building Mosques No Easy Job in Germany
14/04/2005 Defying Challenges, German Muslims Integrate: Researcher
03/03/2005 German Muslims to Unite Under Umbrella Group
02/03/2005 German Muslims want Islam in class
26/12/2004 Hamburg Kiosk Defends Islam - Islam Online
30/11/2004 Germans argue over integration - BBC
28/11/2004 Germany agonises over Islam - Expatica, Netherlands
22/11/2004 German Muslims march against terror - Expatica
16/09/2004 Germany's Muslims between assimilation and confrontation - Daily Star, Lebanon
16/09/2004 Germans have negative view of Islam - Expatica
29/08/2004 Muslim Reverts on the Rise in Germany: Paper - Islam Online
27/07/2004 The Battle for German Muslim Minds - Deutsche Welle, Germany
21/07/2004 German Greens Propose Muslims Shura Council - Islam Online
27/05/2004 Bringing Germany's Mosques Out in the Open - Deutsche Welle, Germany
24/04/2004 In Germany, suspicion follows growing Muslim population
18/03/2004 Minarets Rise in Germany
11/02/2004 Muslims Make Exception In Frankfurt Student Addicts - Islam Online
31/01/2004 German Documentary Marks Hajj, Eid - Islam Online
25/10/2003 Increasing Number Of Germans Embracing Islam - Islam Online
10/10/2003 Germany divided over hijab
27/08/2003 Qadiani/Ahmadiyya Leader in Germany Embraces Islam - Daily Ummat, Pakistan
07/06/2003 Study Shows What Germans Think About Islam - DW World, Germany
05/09/2002 You Cannot Name Your Baby ‘Osama’ in Germany - Islam Online
08/04/2000 Islam in Germany on the rise


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