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17/03/2019 Islamophobia is practically enshrined as public policy in Australia - The Guardian
15/03/2019 49 Killed in Terror Attacks on Mosques in New Zealand, Australian Gunman Broadcast Slaughter Live on Facebook - News 18
15/03/2019 Far-right Australian senator blames New Zealand attack on Muslim immigrants - Vox
16/01/2019 Hijabi assaulted on train in Melbourne, Australia in yet another Islamophobic attack - StepFeed
30/08/2018 It's time Australia faced up to its shameful Islamophobia - The New Arab
08/08/2018 Islamophobia shows how ready Australians are to believe 'fake news' - Crikey
14/06/2018 Nazi flag flown on Australian army vehicle – video report - The Guardian
13/10/2017 We have to stop normalising relentless Islamophobia in Australia - The Guardian
22/08/2017 Australia, you have a problem with Islamophobia - Middle East Eye
10/07/2017 Women endure most Islamophobia in Australia, study finds - BBC
09/07/2017 Islamophobia is still raising its ugly head in Australia - The Conversation
16/06/2017 Why Australia is paying a $53m asylum seeker settlement
05/06/2017 Tony Abbott Says 'Islamophobia Hasn't Killed Anyone'. He's Wrong.
04/06/2017 Woman launches Islamophobic rant and assaults bus driver [Video]
03/06/2017 Muslim schoolgirls in hijabs 'asked to leave careers show because people felt threatened'
11/05/2017 4 Muslim women punched in face in Islamophobic attacks in Australia
03/03/2017 Australia encourages Israel's occupation of Palestine
26/02/2017 Australians aren't as Islamophobic as we're led to believe
18/01/2017 Islamophobia in Australia: Billboard of Muslim girls removed
08/08/2016 Islamophobia has become normal. Our challenge now is dismantling it without doing more damage
04/04/2016 Melbourne attack on Muslim girls 'disturbing and brazen': Islamophobia Register
24/02/2016 Islamophobic letter found in University of Sydney's Muslim prayer room
10/02/2016 'Say no to mosques in Australia': Islamophobic graffiti found on campus
20/01/2016 One in 10 Australians ’highly Islamophobic’ and have a fear of Muslims - The Weekend Australian
15/01/2016 Australian Islamophobia Study Released
06/01/2016 Navy confirms it deleted @navyislamic Twitter account after rightwing backlash
13/11/2015 Australia: confronting Islamophobia with tolerance
01/11/2015 'Innocent until proven Muslim in Australia'
10/08/2015 Muslim woman tells Melbourne Islamophobia forum 'racism hurts'
24/07/2015 Alienating Terror Laws Worry Aussie Muslims
28/05/2015 Aussie Citizenship Law Draws Muslim Ire
02/05/2015 Australia: Is halal food funding terrorism?
18/04/2015 Queensland Muslims Fight Hate with Love after Another Suspected Arson Attack on Mosque
16/04/2015 Australians rally behind woman who defended Muslim couple
12/04/2015 Unease with Australia's Islamophobia
10/04/2015 Victoria's Hijab Event Faces Criticism
04/04/2015 Hundreds attend anti-Islam rallies across Australia
02/04/2015 Aussie Muslims Criticize Burqa Ban Crusader
19/03/2015 Hate Placards Target Sydney Islamic School
28/02/2015 Twitter Far-right Army Attacks Aussie Muslims
23/02/2015 Aussie Muslims Accuse PM of Inflaming Racism
18/01/2015 Aussie Muslims Receive Death Threats
28/11/2014 Aussie Doctor's Hijab Fights Racism
10/11/2014 Call to resist anti-Islamic bullying after company drops halal certification
26/10/2014 Melbourne: Muslim woman suffers broken arm in racist attack
09/10/2014 Aussie Non-Muslims Support Hijab
08/10/2014 Aussie New Laws Ban Passages of Qur'an
07/10/2014 Australians Stand Up To Anti-Muslim Abuse
07/10/2014 Does Australia have a racism problem?
06/10/2014 Aussie Muslims Want Stricter Anti-Hate Laws
01/10/2014 Muslim woman thrown off moving train in Australia
27/09/2014 Fire Shots Target Aussie Muslims
26/09/2014 Aussie Muslims Under Siege
24/09/2014 Aussie Muslims Want Teen's Death Investigated
23/09/2014 It's just a hijab - my Muslim friend doesn't deserve your racist wrath
22/09/2014 Social Media Trace Australia Islamophobia
14/09/2014 Queensland mosque targeted in anti-Muslim hate crimes
07/08/2014 Anti-Terror Law Angers Aussie Muslims
25/05/2014 Aussie Muslim Students Dismissed for Hijab
06/09/2013 Tony Abbott and Islamophobia: The greatest hits
18/02/2013 Wilders' Islam Message Troubles Australia - OnIslam
19/08/2010 Australian judge Shauna Deane orders witness to remove niqab - The Guardian
28/12/2008 Don't force Aussie Muslims into ghettos
30/05/2008 Warning after Australian town blocks Islamic school proposal
29/05/2008 Islamic school row: Australia warned against fuelling extremism
05/02/2008 ABC tricked us, say Muslim women
05/02/2008 Bali victims slam ABC documentary
16/11/2007 Australian panic as 'Unknown Terrorist' sparks a pub ejection
23/08/2007 Muslim immigration likened to bird flu

07/12/2015 Cronulla Riots: What happened on one of Australia's darkest days
06/12/2015 Cronulla rioters 10 years later speak of pride, regret, death: 'I'm not ashamed'
18/01/2015 The Great Australian Race Riot: what really constitutes 'a perfect storm'?
28/12/2014 The bloody history of Australia's race riots
21/10/2006 Shock jocks blamed over Sydney riots
23/12/2005 Man charged over texts inciting Sydney race riots
22/12/2005 Debate Rages Over Aussie Racial Riots - Islam Online
19/12/2005 Sydney beaches deserted as police seize knives and bomb-making equipment
18/12/2005 Sydney police close beaches after attacks
18/12/2005 Australians March Against Racism
18/12/2005 Arms seized in Sydney beach raid
16/12/2005 Arab women's 'veils torn off'
15/12/2005 Alienation, Anti-terror Laws Blamed for Aussie Riots
15/12/2005 Two tribes go to war
15/12/2005 Police crack down on Sydney race riots
13/12/2005 Revenge attacks bring second night of race violence to Sydney
13/12/2005 Australians shocked as race riots erupt again in Sydney
13/12/2005 Revenge attacks bring second night of race violence to Sydney
12/12/2005 Aussie Racial Violence Condemned
12/12/2005 Second night of riots hits Sydney
12/12/2005 Racist furore as mobs riot
12/12/2005 Race riots turn Sydney's suburbs into battleground
11/12/2005 Mob violence envelops Cronulla


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