Islamophobia in Netherlands / Holland

19/01/2018 Decapitated, bloodstained doll left at Amsterdam mosque - Al Jazeera
04/04/2017 Rotterdam Muslims struggle with Islamophobia - TRT World
15/03/2017 Racism in Rotterdam: how a diverse city got infected with Islamophobia - The Guardian
10/12/2016 Far-right MP Geert Wilders convicted of discrimination - Al Jazeera
30/11/2016 Listen to what Muslim women in the Netherlands say about the Dutch burqa ban and you'll realise why it won't stop radicalisation - Independent, UK
03/07/2016 Why are the Dutch funding settlers in Palestine? - Al Jazeera
06/01/2015 40% of Dutch mosques have been attacked, daubed with racist graffiti -
26/12/2014 Dutch Muslims concerned by mosque attacks - Al Jazeera
30/10/2014 2/3 of Dutch Mosques Attacked: Research - OnIslam
03/04/2014 Fall of the Dutch far-right: How a racist speech too far cost the flamboyant Geert Wilders his chance at the EU - Independent, UK
23/10/2013 Arnoud van Doorn: from anti-Islamic film-maker to hajj pilgrim - The Guardian
17/09/2011 Holland Bans Niqab in Public - OnIslam
01/10/2010 Dutch far-right party wins pledge on burqa ban - The Guardian
20/04/2009 Violence against Muslims Increased in 2008 in Netherlands
05/06/2008 Netherlands: 65% support ban on large mosques
17/03/2008 Wilders' anti-Islam akin to anti-semitism
08/03/2008 Holland's Muslim-bashing populist MP thrives on redneck reputation - The Daily Star, Lebanon
17/02/2008 'I don't hate Muslims. I hate Islam,' says Holland's rising political star Geert Wilders
26/01/2008 Dutch Anti-Islam Film Irks EU
05/09/2007 Don't Boycott Dutch Products: Muslims
13/02/2007 Dutch populist attacks Koran, Prophet Mohammad
21/11/2006 The Dutch have reached a new level of authoritarianism - The Guardian
19/11/2006 Holland split over burqa ban - The Guardian
18/11/2006 Dutch Muslims condemn burqa ban - BBC
16/03/2006 Immigrants have to pass a racy test
17/11/2005 Dutch MP to make gay Islam film - BBC
18/09/2005 Dutch Protest Gov’t Racism - IslamOnline
15/06/2005 Dutch mosque damaged in arson attack
21/05/2005 OSCE Says Dutch Muslims Live in Fear - IslamOnline
07/04/2005 Dozens attack mosque in the Netherlands - Jerusalem Post
29/03/2005 Arsonists target Islamic school again
29/12/2004 2004 "Tough Year" for Dutch Muslims - IslamOnline
21/11/2004 Fortuyn Declared Greatest Dutchman, Counting Disputes - IslamOnline
10/11/2004 More anti-Muslim violence committed in Netherlands - Globe and Mail, Canada
08/11/2004 Dutch Muslim school bombed -
27/10/2003 Dutch Documentary Exposes Bias Towards Israel - IslamOnline
03/07/2003 Dutch Racists Held For Setting Islamic School Afire - IslamOnline
18/10/2002 Xenophobia, Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Expedited Fallout of Dutch Cabinet - IslamOnline


Islam and Muslims in Holland/Netherlands

Ayaan Hirsi Ali


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