Islam and Muslims in Holland/Netherlands

Netherlands Flag

Capital: Amsterdam; The Hague is the seat of government
Population: 17 million (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 6.5% (approx. 1.1 million)

Islam in Holland

20/11/2017 Dutch police officer 'may wear headscarf with uniform' - Al Jazeera
03/07/2016 Why are the Dutch funding settlers in Palestine? - Al Jazeera
06/01/2015 40% of Dutch mosques have been attacked, daubed with racist graffiti -
25/04/2014 Van Doorn’s son embraces Islam - Arab News
23/10/2013 Arnoud van Doorn: from anti-Islamic film-maker to hajj pilgrim - The Guardian
15/04/2008 Muslims in Secularized Netherlands
17/01/2008 Netherland's Halal girls
21/11/2006 Dutch Muslims seek a fresh start - BBC
21/04/2006 Dutch reconsider Islamic values - BBC
16/04/2006 Islam Compatible With Dutch Values: Gov't Study - IslamOnline
31/10/2005 "Sincere Hearts' Iftar" Brings Dutch Together - IslamOnline
19/09/2005 Mohammed Allach: Love bridges Dutch racial divide - BBC
29/12/2004 2004 'Tough Year' for Dutch Muslims - Islam Online
21/11/2004 Fortuyn Declared Greatest Dutchman, Counting Disputes - Islam Online
12/11/2004 Liberal culture under threat in Dutch religious and ethnic crisis - The Guardian
10/11/2004 More anti-Muslim violence committed in Netherlands
08/11/2004 Dutch Muslim school bombed - News 24, SA
08/11/2004 Muslim school bombed in Netherlands - Washington Times
15/10/2004 Ramadan Calendars Indispensable for Dutch Muslims - Islam Online
11/06/2004 Dutch Muslim Candidates Hope For 'EU Seats' - Islam Online
04/02/2004 First Muslim Appointed To Amsterdam 's City Council - Islam Online
21/01/2004 Dutch are 'polarised' says report - BBC
17/12/2003 New Islamic Center In Rotterdam, With Official Support - Islam Online
24/11/2003 In Holland, Eid Holiday For Muslim Students - Islam Online
27/10/2003 Dutch Documentary Exposes Bias Towards Israel - Islam Online
27/09/2003 Dutch University Honors Hijab-clad Students - Islam Online
03/07/2003 Dutch Racists Held For Setting Islamic School Afire - Islam Online
02/07/2002 Dutch Hang Flags in Show of Solidarity With Palestinians - Islam Online
03/02/2000 Holland Approves First Islamic Public High School - Islam Online


Islamophobia in Netherlands / Holland


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