Islam and Muslims in Iceland

Iceland Flag

Capital: Reykjavik
Population: 340,000 (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 0.6% (approx 2000)

Islam in Iceland - Ahmad Taha Seddeeq Muhammad [PDF]

Muslim Reverts in Iceland - Videos

The Grand mosque of Iceland - Video

Ramadan in Iceland - Videos

22/05/2018 How Muslims observe Ramadan in the land of the midnight sun - CNBC
20/04/2018 Iceland is the latest front in the war on religious freedom - Catholic Herald
01/02/2018 Iceland MPs propose ban on circumcision of boys - Independent, UK
24/08/2016 In Iceland, refugee population helps yield diversity, economic growth - PBS
29/06/2016 Ramadan North and South - Al Jazeera
19/05/2016 Making of a Cohesive Society: Muslims In Iceland - Huffington Post
20/02/2016 Meet Iceland's first Syrian refugees: 'For us, it's the freezer' - The Telegraph, UK
14/01/2016 0.0% of Icelanders 25 years or younger believe God created the world, new poll reveals - Iceland Magazine
23/11/2015 Islamic Center in Iceland Vandalized - Iceland Review
22/06/2015 Ramadan fasting timetable divides Muslims in Iceland - Daily Sabah, Turkey
26/03/2015 Iceland’s Islam converts - Iceland Monitor
11/03/2015 Could Charlie Hebdo happen in Reykjavik? How Iceland’s Muslims try to convince people it won't - PRI
17/11/2014 Swedish king Carl Gustaf, honoured Palestine National Day - Al Jazeera
12/06/2014 Iceland: Mosque plan supporters 'register as Muslims' - BBC
06/06/2014 Iceland's First Mosque Faces Uproar - OnIslam
27/09/2013 Iceland to Get its First Mosque - Gatestone Institute
30/11/2011 Iceland recognises Palestinian state - The Guardian
16/08/2011 Al Jazeera Shoots Documentary on Icelandic Muslims - Iceland Review
10/08/2004 An Icelander’s Journey to Light - Islam Online


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Circumcision and Female Gential Mutilation (FGM)

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