Islam and Muslims in Norway

Norway Flag

Capital: Oslo
Population: 5.32 million (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 2.8% (approx. 150,000)

Muslims in Norway

Muslims in Norway: Value Discourses and Interreligious Dialogue - Oddbjørn Leirvik [PDF]

Letter from Norway

European Islamophobia Report 2017: Islamophobia in Norway [PDF] (2015 version)

Shabana Rehman: A Muslim Woman Tickles Norway's Funny Bone

Norway - a multi-ethnic country

Ramadan in Arctic Circle - Video from Tromsø, northern Norway

11/08/2019 Norway: Police investigate mosque shooting as 'terrorist' attempt - Al Jazeera
11/08/2019 Al-Noor Islamic Centre shooting: Man arrested as one injured in Oslo attack - Independent, UK
16/06/2019 'Stop Islamisation of Norway' insults Muslims, harms Quran - Anadolu Agency, Turkey
24/09/2018 Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang reports approximately 3,000 Norwegians convert to Islam in recent years - World Bulletin
28/03/2017 ‘Not a good day for Muslims’ in Norway -
25/03/2017 Against the Current: 'Persecuted' Norwegian Muslims Fleeing to Islamic Nations - Sputnik, Russia
25/11/2016 Muslim communities are growing rapidly in Norway - Norway Today
21/10/2016 Norway integration minister faces resignation calls after telling Muslims 'we eat pork and drink alcohol' - Independent, UK
24/06/2016 Blaming Muslims, at First, in Norway - New York Times
08/06/2015 More Norwegians convert to Islam -
22/02/2015 Muslim Shield Protects Oslo Synagogue - OnIslam
21/02/2015 Norway's Muslims and Jews link up to denounce extremist violence - AFP / The Guardian
18/02/2015 Muslim “Peace Ring” Brings Hope to Norway - OnIslam
10/01/2013 Norway: No Hijab for Police officers - Muslim Village
24/07/2011 Norwegian massacre gunman was a right-wing extremist who hated Muslims - Daily Mail, UK
23/07/2011 Norway, Islam and the threat of the West- Al Jazeera
23/07/2011 Blaming Muslims - yet again
20/08/2010 Norwegian court rules hijab ban illegal
20/03/2009 Muslim Dress Debate Burns in Norway
05/02/2009 Hijab allowed with police uniform in Norway -
03/11/2007 Oslo: Turkish/Kurdish protest
25/10/2007 Misconceptions about Muslim opinions
24/10/2007 Prisoners convert to Islam to protest lack of halal food
26/09/2007 Muslims feel watched
19/08/2007 Interest in interest-free banks
01/08/2007 Muslim cemetery only for city residents
27/07/2007 15-year old boy to be deported after half his life in Norway
20/07/2007 Low employment among Pakistani women
28/02/2007 Pig tactics threatened
23/04/2006 Reverts Introduce Prophet to Norwegians - Islam Online
22/04/2007 Norway: Christians, Muslims defend right to convert
27/01/2006 Norway Apologizes over Muhammad Cartoons
11/01/2006 Norwegian Muslims Blast Magazine Over Prophet Cartoons
21/07/2005 Politicians played at shooting Muslims
29/09/2004 Defense of Bombings Stirs Norway Debate
25/07/2004 Norwegian Politician Blasted For Anti-Islam Attack - Islam Online
14/01/2003 Norway Turns Down U.S. Request to Detain Kurdish Leader - Islam Online
13/01/2003 Demonstration by muslim women in Oslo in support for hijab, or head scarf


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