A Letter from Norway

CAIR received the following e-mail from a Norwegian Muslim in response to a recent Incitement Watch:

SEE: Incitement Watch: Islam to be Banned in Norway? http://www.cair-net.org/asp/article.asp?id=34052&page=NB

I write this to you, only so that you may provide my fellow Muslims in North America of balanced and neutral view of the above mentioned article in one of your news briefs. I think that as a Norwegian Muslim, I would want everyone to know this, as I am very proud of the Muslim Community in Norway, and I am proud of the forthcoming nature of the Norwegian Government to the most recent Muslims immigration to this country compared on an international level. I hope that you will print this on your publications and on your website…

The politicians mentioned in the article, hold no parliamentary seats. No seats that will ever have anything to do with the Politics of Norway at large. They belong to a Right Wing party, called the Frp, which has historically been against immigration. The party has never held a significant position in the government of Norway, and they have yet to place their party leader in the Prime Minister role, in oh say, the last 100 years or so, if I'm not mistaken.

The people mentioned in the article hold a chairperson and deputy leader position in the Frp parties Kristiandsand wing. They are so to say, insignificant in the larger picture really.

The parties President, who actually sits in Parliament, denies the allegations, AND, made a public statement after the incident that the view of these people, did NOT reflect the view of the Political agenda of the Party.

Their views, were only their own, and personal, and had NOTHING to do with the party's view, according to the President of the Party himself...

Here are some facts to consider about Muslims in Norway:
1. 85% of the Muslim population in Norway resides in Oslo.
2. There are about 3 major mosques in Downtown Oslo, within a 5 mile radius.
3. The largest mosque is located right downtown, where Adhan is given 5 times a day through a loud speaker system from the Minarets.
4. On Eid, schools allow Muslim kids to get the day off, without major hassles or problems.
5. Muslims represent a major asset to the Norwegian work force.
6. Islam is the MOST practiced religion in Norway. Only about 5% of Christian Norwegians are regular church goers. Registered Christians represent less than 15% of the population to my recollection…

InshaAllah, May Allah be pleased with the efforts of the Muslims in Norway, and bless them and help them continue to grow in the same positive manner they have so far. Ameen.

Your Brother In Islam


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