Islam and Muslims in Spain

Capital: Madrid
Population: 40 Million
Muslims Percent: 2% (approx. 0.8 Million)

The Islamic Conquest of Spain

Islam in Andalusia (Historical Spain)

Muslims under Christian Rule in Al-Andalus

The Legacy of Al-Andalus

[PDF] Granada - The last refuge of Muslims in Spain

18/12/05 Catalonia Teaches Arabic to Combat ‘Radicals’
29/11/05 Catalonian Muslims Urge Equal Rights, Full Integration
16/08/05 Growth in Spain Threatens a Jewel of Medieval Islam
09/07/05 Catalonia… Success Story of Muslim Immigrants - Islam Online
19/06/05 Spanish Green Island, Booming Business for Immigrants
Madrid's Lavapies…Melting Pot of Minorities
23/05/05 Spain’s Ejido Nightmare for Moroccan Immigrants
18/01/05 Islam's Claim on Spain
11/12/04 Spain's Islamic era can teach us plenty about tolerance
24/09/05 Muslims heartened by tolerance in Spain - MSNBC
14/08/05 Jewish, Muslim, Christian heritage in Spain explored
30/06/05 Spain acts to stop domestic violence
23/05/04 Spain Weighs Muslim Rights and Concerns About Safety
16/05/04 Islam's Spanish Eyes
04/05/04 Spain seeks to control what imams preach
03/05/04 Vatican rebuff to Spanish Muslims - Guardian
19/04/04 Cathedral may see return of Muslims - Guardian
28/03/04 Seeking Madrid motives in a cradle of Muslim glory
21/03/04 Islamic Roots Run Deep in Spain's History - LA Times
19/03/04 Spain's Muslims: Living on Society's Edge - DW World, Germany
16/03/04 Prayers and fears of Madrid's Muslims - BBC
13/03/04 Muslims Strongly Condemn Madrid Blasts - Islam Online, UK
11/03/04 Friends of Charities Association Condemns Spain Attack
11/03/04 U.S. Muslims Condemn Madrid Bombings
06/12/03 Granada rediscovers its Muslim roots - Guardian, UK
02/10/02 A Spanish bridge to Islam - Christian Science Monitor
01/11/01 Muslim influence in Spain still felt in daily life


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