Islam and Muslims in Haiti

Flag of Haiti

Capital: Port-au-Prince
Population: 9 Million
Muslims Percent: 0.05% Muslims (Approx. 5000)

The Muslim Factor in the Haitian Revolution

22/01/10 Faith inspires locals to help Haitians
17/01/10 Muslims Rally Support for Haiti
16/01/10 Up to 200,000 feared dead
15/01/10 Calgary Muslims launch Haiti aid campaign
15/01/10 US Faiths Aid Quake-hit Haitians
14/01/10 Muslims Relieve Quake-hit Haiti
14/01/10 US Muslim charity to fly $1 million in relief supplies to Haiti
14/01/10 Islamic Relief launches Haiti earthquake appeal
14/01/10 Muslims reach out to Haiti
14/01/10 Canadian Muslims Dedicate Friday Services to Haiti
13/01/10 Muslim Aid - Haiti Earthquake EMERGENCY APPEAL
01/06/09 Virginia's Muslim Poverty Fighter
01/06/09 Community service pays off for Sheikh
01/10/09 Haiti..Sewing for Living
03/10/08 Haitian Muslims receive aid from Turkey
07/09/08 500 Killed by Storm in Haiti
23/09/04 Haiti Floods Death Toll Reaches 1,013


Mohammed's religion finds a place in Haiti


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The Muslim Factor in the Haitian Revolution

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