Nikah Halala (Tahleel Marriage)

Halala and Triple Divorce

The Haraam (forbidden) concept of halala

Halala: The Most Vile Custom among Muslims


Fatwa: Is Halala Islamic?

Is 'Tahleel' Marriage Permissible? (Also Called Halala)

Tahleel marriage is haraam and invalid

12/04/2017 Nikah Halala: The dark world of injustice to women rights
10/04/2017 Halala marriages expose more than a sham divorce
05/04/2017 The women who sleep with a stranger to save their marriage
05/04/2017 Nikah Halala: A Law That Demands A Woman To Sleep With Stranger To Remarry Her Divorced Husband
28/10/2016 Man loses wife in a bet, forces her to sleep with friend on pretext of halala
28/10/2016 Here Are The Popular Beliefs About Nikah-e-Halala That Aren’t True
02/11/2014 Nikah Halala – Sharia divorce law demands the wife to sleep with another man




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