Islam and Muslims in Iran

Iran Flag

Capital: Tehran
Population: 82 million (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 99.4% (approx 81.5 million - 90% Shia, 10% Sunni)

Sunnis in Iran under Persian 'arrogance'

The Muslim Conquest of Persia - A.I. Akram [PDF]

Traditional Complex Modularity in Islamic and Persian Architecture - Negin Dadkh AH et al.[PDF]

Persian Gardens: Meanings, Symbolism, and Design - Leila Mahmoudi Farahani, Bahareh Motamed, Elmira Jamei [PDF]

Latest News on Iran at Islamic News Updates

30/08/2018 Iran's only Jewish hospital grapples with fallout of US sanctions - Al Jazeera
20/07/2018 'Desperate to find a way out': Iran edges towards precipice - The Guardian
08/05/2018 Donald Trump declares US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal - Al Jazeera
18/02/2018 Iran denies 'hegemon' plans, denounces Saudi and Israel - Al Jazeera
07/02/2018 Hijab Protests Expose Iran’s Core Divide - New Yorker, USA
07/01/2018 The extravagant lives of the 'Rich Kids of Tehran' are fuelling Iran's protests — take a look - Independent, UK
23/10/2017 A modern mosque without minarets stirs controversy in Tehran - The Guardian
28/06/2015 Death to America? What you need to know about Iran and the US - Al Jazeera
07/05/2015 Prayer, food, sex and water parks in Iran's holy city of Mashhad - The Guardian
25/10/2014 Reyhaneh Jabbari executed in Iran for murder of 'her attempted rapist' - Independent, UK
29/05/2014 Iranian hackers 'used Facebook to spy on US' - Al Jazeera
09/03/2014 Iranian Sunnis complain of discrimination - AL Jazeera
13/02/2014 Execution of Arab Iranian poet Hashem Shaabani condemned by rights groups - The Guardian
26/10/2013 Iranian reformer Mousavi's daughters stripped and attacked by guards - The Guardian
06/10/2013 Just who has been killing Iran's nuclear scientists? - Independent, UK
12/09/2013 Iran allows first female triathlete to compete for country - The Guardian
16/06/2013 Iran to send 4,000 troops to aid President Assad forces in Syria - Independent, UK,
16/06/2013 Iran celebrates Hassan Rouhani's presidential win - Al Jazeera
14/02/2013 Iran Mourns Senior Commander Gen. Hassan Shateri, Killed in Syria - Voice of America
09/02/2013 Attack on Iranian dissident group the Mujahadeen al-Khalq in Iraq - Al Jazeera
13/01/2013 Iran unable to get life-saving drugs due to international sanctions - The Guardian
14/09/2009 Iran elections: Mousavi lodges appeal against Ahmadinejad victory
05/03/2009 Tehran, city of love
28/02/2009 Iran's hegemonic venture - The Guardian
10/02/2009 Iranian Arabs seek equal rights - Al Jazeera
08/02/2009 Robert Fisk: Iran: A nation still haunted by its bloody past - Independent, UK
08/02/2009 Iran's anti-secularist backlash - Al Jazeera
01/02/2009 Iran and the Shia legacy - Al Jazeera
28/12/2008 Adventures in hijab
16/10/2008 Iran's war on Sunni Muslims - The Guardian
11/09/2008 Failed Afghan drug policy harming us, says Iran
29/06/2008 Shadow of war looms as Israel flexes its muscle
20/02/2008 Iran's ancient pre-Islamic community dwindling - Reuters
14/12/2007 Egypt and Saudi Arabia make new overtures to Iran
02/12/2007 Young woman doctor Zahra Baniyaghoub, who fell foul of Iran's 'love police' was strangled - The Guardian
24/11/2007 Pay boost for saffron pickers casts cloud over 3,000-year-old export industry - The Guardian
24/11/2007 Leaving home for the homeland: Jewish Iranians are emigrating to Israel - The Guardian
25/10/2007 Iran clamps down on coffee shops
29/09/2007 Ahmadinejad says Americans want to hear him
19/08/2007 Iran hangs 30 over 'US plots' - The Guardian
07/08/2007 Reformist paper Shargh closed by Iran for second time - The Guardian
06/08/2007 Iranian morals police arrest 230 in raid on 'satanist' rave - The Guardian
13/07/2007 Iran's Jews spurn cash lure to emigrate to Israel - The Guardian
03/07/2007 US turns up heat on Iran by publicly accusing it of involvement in Iraq - The Guardian
03/07/2007 'An antidote to Fox': Iran launches English TV channel Press TV - The Guardian
07/06/2007 Iran's big brother for bloggers - The Guardian
04/06/2007 Mutah: Iranian minister backs temporary marriage to relieve lust of youth - The Guardian
03/04/2007 The Secret War Against Iran
12/01/2007 Modernity threatens Iran's 'museum city' Isfahan - BBC
03/01/2007 Sex and shopping brings HIV crisis in Iran - The Guardian
13/12/2006 Defiant Ahmadinejad revels at Holocaust event
12/12/2006 Holocaust deniers gather in Iran for 'scientific' conference - The Guardian
04/09/2006 Robert Fisk: 'America's aggression is fuelling extremism', says Iran's ex-president - Independent, UK
14/07/2006 Iran's fashion police put on a show of chadors to stem west's cultural invasion - The Guardian
06/06/2006 Iran's female football fans yet to win equality - BBC
11/05/2006 After the earthquake, Bam battles with heroin and Aids - The Guardian
14/04/2006 Heard the one about the president? - The Guardian
05/01/2006 CIA give the Iranians blueprints to build a nuclear bomb - The Guardian
05/11/2005 'Unrest' in Iran Arabic province, Khuzestan - BBC
30/10/2005 Iran: Rich, armed and angry, how dangerous is it to the world?
19/10/2005 Female firefighters find they can take the heat in Iran - The Christian Science Monitor, USA
07/09/2005 US forces should take a lesson from the Persian kings - The Guardian
27/06/2005 No need for ties with Washington, says Iran's hardline new President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
12/06/2005 Iran liberals beaten up as poll nears - The Guardian
11/04/2005 Religious mourning casts pall on Iran's once carefree ski slopes - The Guardian


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