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Capital: Sanaa
Population: 28 million (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 99% (27.7 million)

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27/10/2018 More Yemeni children die as medicine prices skyrocket
20/09/2018 Meet the families who survive in the rubble of their former lives - Al Jazeera
02/05/2018 Socotra island: The Unesco-protected 'Jewel of Arabia' vanishing amid Yemen’s civil war - Independent, UK
12/02/2018 Yemenis turn to herbal remedies as medicine prices soar - Al Jazeera
23/01/2018 Yemen: no food, no medicine, no water
21/01/2018 Yemen's children face 'worst diphtheria outbreak' - Al Jazeera
16/01/2018 Yemen civil war: Closing ports risks 'catastrophic loss of life' as 22 million people now require aid, warns UN official - Independent, UK
10/12/2017 Yemen: Ex-President Ali Abdullah Saleh killed - Al Jazeera
06/12/2017 What is next for Yemen's Houthis? - Al Jazeera
14/11/2017 As Yemen slides further into the hell of war, Marib is thriving like never before - Independent, UK
01/11/2017 Saudi-led air strike kills 29 Yemenis, decimates market - Al Jazeera
20/10/2017 'UAE on the verge of splitting Yemen in two' - AL Jazeera
12/10/2017 Yemen's cholera outbreak now the worst in history as millionth case looms - The Guardian
02/10/2017 Will seven million starving Yemenis ever find justice? - Al Jazeera
15/09/2017 Desperate Yemenis sell organs to survive - Al Jazeera
18/08/2017 Saudi coalition killed hundreds of children in Yemen, confidential UN report claims - Independent, UK
20/07/2017 Risk of mass killing rose most in Yemen in 2016: report - Al Jazeera
18/06/2017 Saudi coalition attacks on Saada market kill dozens - Al Jazeera
02/06/2017 'Nearly 600 cholera deaths' in Yemen over past month - Al Jazeera
29/05/2017 Millions of Yemenis face hunger during Ramadan - AL Jazeera
02/04/2017 Why are African men and women still fleeing to Yemen? - Al Jazeera
06/01/2017 Yemen's orphans face 'catastrophe' as fighting rages
15/10/2016 'Heinous crime against humanity': how Saudi airstrikes have devastated Yemen - The Guardian
11/06/2016 Yemen crisis: 'Immeasurable’ suffering in Ramadan - AL Jazeera
03/04/2016 Yemeni PM sacked in major shake-up of senior officials - Al Jazeera
23/03/2016 Massive US airstrike in Yemen kills 'dozens' of people, Pentagon says - The Guardian
05/01/2016 Yemen: Almost 2,800 civilians killed as civil war and Saudi Arabia-led air strikes take 'terrible toll' on lives - Independent, UK
04/01/2016 Dengue fever spreads in Yemeni city ravaged by cyclone - AL Jazeera
08/09/2015 Almost 100,000 children starving in Yemen's al-Hodeidah - AL Jazeera
01/07/2015 Yemen's children suffer collective trauma
25/04/2015 Yemen crisis: This exotic war will soon become Europe's problem - Independent, UK
18/04/2015 Yemen crisis: Meet the child soldiers who have forsaken books for Kalashnikovs - Independent, UK
30/03/2015 Yemen: 'I hope we will not turn into another Syria' - Al Jazeera
29/03/2015 Who are the Houthis in Yemen? - Al Jazeera
28/01/2015 Houthis 'beat and detain demonstrators' in Yemen - Al JAzeera
22/01/2015 Yemeni government quits in protest at Houthi rebellion - The Guardian
02/01/2015 African migrants face death at sea in Yemen - Al Jazeera
23/12/2014 Five explosions rock Yemeni capital: Sanaa's old quarter, largely inhabited by Houthi supporters, hit by bomb blasts as sectarian unrest persists.
10/10/2014 Scores dead in Yemen suicide attacks - Al Jazeera
13/12/2013 Fatal air strike hits wedding convoy in Yemen - Al Jazeera
05/12/2013 Doctors killed in Yemen's ministry assault - Al JAzeera
10/08/2013 The innocents caught under the drones: For fearful Yemenis the US and al-Qa'ida look very similar - Independent, UK
11/04/2013 Yemen president orders military shake-up - Al Jazeera
12/03/2013 Yemen's youngest divorcee says father has squandered cash from her book - The Guardian
20/12/2012 Yemen's president shakes up the army - Al Jazeera
01/10/2012 Nearly half of Yemenis going hungry: WFP - Arab News
22/09/2012 Firebrand cleric, Sheikh Abdul Majeed Zindani walks a fine line in Yemen - Al Jazeera
05/08/2012 Deadly suicide attack hits Yemen's southern city of Jaar in Abyan province - Al Jazeera
10/05/2012 Yemenis choose jihad over Iranian support - The Guardian
24/04/2012 Yemen's 'untouchables' doubtful of change - Al Jazeera
15/03/2012 Yemenis: Ousted leader undermining fight against Al-Qaeda
25/02/2012 New Yemen President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi takes oath - BBC
14/12/2011 Rising prices push Yemen's poor to the brink - Al Jazeera
27/11/2011 Yemen's Saleh decrees 'general amnesty'
09/07/2011 Yemen: Tensions rise after president's speech - Al Jazeera
16/04/2011 Yemeni women vow to continue protests - Al Jazeera
15/04/2011 Yemen opposition sets deadline for Saleh exit - Al Jazeera
30/04/2011 Reports: Saleh refuses to sign exit deal - Al Jazeera
04/04/2011 Yemen troops kill protesters in Taiz - The Guardian
31/03/2011 Thousands demonstrate in Yemeni capital - Al Jazeera
19/02/2011 Bahrain, Libya and Yemen try to crush protests with violence
14/02/2011 'President Saleh is not the problem, it's the corrupt people under him' - The Guardian
11/10/2010 Al-Qaida in Yemen Leader Threatens to Topple Government - Voice of America News
23/08/2010 Shabwa: Blood feuds and hospitality in al-Qaida's Yemen outpost - The Guardian
22/08/2010 Al-Qaida in Yemen: Poverty, corruption and an army of jihadis willing to fight - The Guardian
07/02/2010 Peace agreement eludes Yemen
09/01/2010 Yemen, Saudi Arabia Fight Shi'ite Rebels in Northern Yemen
10/10/2009 Yemen's Conflict Explained: Who are the Houthis? - Islam Online
19/09/2009 Yemen: The land with more guns than people - Independent, UK
28/06/2009 Jews of Yemen prefer to stay
07/06/2009 The tragedy of the Yemeni Jews - The Guardian
25/05/2009 Yemen, haven for jihadis - The Guardian
10/10/2008 Dozens of Somali migrants die in waters near Yemen
03/09/2008 A new Taliban? - The Guardian
29/08/2008 By Films, Yemen Fights Al-Qaeda - Islam Online
23/08/2008 Alarm bells over water in Yemen
12/08/2008 Qat: The curse of Yemen - The Guardian
02/05/2008 Scores Killed in Yemen Mosque Blast
03/07/2007 Ten killed in suicide bombing outside temple in Yemen
04/08/2005 Yemen: From a new perspective - Yemen Times
23/07/2005 36 die in riots after Yemen fuel price hikes
21/07/2005 Eight die in Yemen street protests
08/04/2005 Fresh Yemen clashes 'kill scores' - BBC
02/04/2005 Koranic duels ease terror - CS Monitor
11/02/2004 Saudi Arabia enrages Yemen with fence - Independent
20/11/2002 The CIA offensive in Yemen: A Legal Response - Islam Online
06/07/2002 Yemeni Jews adhere to their homeland
29/05/2002 "Hundreds, if not thousands" unfairly held in Yemen: parliament speaker


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