Miracle aubergine with Ya-Allah

Pilgrims flock to see miracle aubergine

From the Bolton Evening News, first published Wednesday 13th Mar 1996


MUSLIM pilgrims have been cramming into the home of a Bolton couple to examine the "miracle aubergine" whose seeds spell out the name of their God, Allah.

More than 50 worshippers crowded inside the terraced house on Essingdon Street, Daubhill, last night, after reading in the BEN how Ruksana Patel had cut into the vegetable and discovered the "miracle".

Ruksana, 23, made the discovery in the kitchen of her home. She and her husband, Salim, 25, immediately recognised the Arabic word spelling out Allah and rushed to their priest, Mr Abdullah Patel.

Mr Patel, of the Masjid-e-Gosia Mosque on Auburn Street, Daubhill, confirmed the outline of the word and that "a miracle" had occurred.

Daily newspapers, radio and TV today took up the story. Ruksana, who is due to appear with the aubergine on Granada television tonight, said: "Since it went in the paper my house has been full of people coming to see the aubergine. Children in particular are crowding in to look at it.

The Patels intend to place the aubergine in their local mosque before eventually sharing it out in little pieces, to be eaten raw.

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