Islamic Miracles in Nature

Allah's name in Kashmir Sky

Goat with 'Muhammad' inscribed on Back

Miracle Tree Resembling a Man Praying

Stone with Kalimah on it

The Beehive with the word "Allahu"

The Miracle on a German Farm

Hidden Message in No. of Suras

Hidden Message in Tomato

"Ya Allah Ya Malik" on Toman fish

Allah and Muhammed(pbuh) on a fish in Penang, Malaysia

Kenya's 'Koranic fish' recovered

Tropical fish 'has Allah marking'

Fish Testifies for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Name of 'Allah' on eggs and beans

Allah's name appears in a water melon

Allah's name written in Eggplant

Miracle aubergine with Ya-Allah

Cactus forms the name of Allah

Allah's name in the clouds

'God signed the tsunami'

Miracle rock in the shape of a man prostrating to Allah Most High

Mosque Still Stands Still after an Earthquake (Turkey)

Mosque Still Stands Still after an Earthquake (Indonesia)


Religious pareidolia - Wikipedia

'Talking fish' stuns New York

Word is made flesh as God reveals himself... as a fish


Miracles in Quran

Science, Islam and Muslims

Islamic Hospitals and Medicines

Concept of Djinn/Jinn/Ghosts/Genie in Islam

Muslims Contribution to Mathematics

Converts (Reverts) to Islam

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