Afghanistan War

I Yelled at Them to Stop? - Newsweek

Hundreds of Afghan civilians killed as US seeks to protect its troops

Documenting the Massacre in Mazar

Scores are killed by US bomb at Afghan wedding

Were U.S. troops in Afghanistan complicit in a massacre?

The Enron-Cheney-Taliban Connection?

Thousands forced to eat grass

Thousands of POWs held in appalling conditions in Afghanistan

Thousands of Afghans likely killed in Bombings

Afghans in world's biggest refugee camp face disaster as winter tightens its grip

The War Gameplan

No War Against Afghanistan - Francis Boyle

Calls mount for Afghan fort inquiry - BBC

US atrocity against Taliban POWs: Whatever happened to the Geneva Convention?

Robert Fisk: We are the war criminals now - Independant, UK

Afghans uneasy as Russians show flag in Kabul - Independant

Taliban Prison Revolt in Pictures - BBC

Carnage after Taliban Prison Revolt

Taliban Prisoners Revolt in Mazar-i-Sharif - Guardian, UK

Shocking Images from Afghanistan

A city of spiritual beauty broods in the rubble War on terrorism - Robert Fisk, Independant, UK

US Politicians PROFITING BIG TIME on US War on Afghanistan


U.S. Report on Religious Freedom is Flawed - Human Rights Watch

Wake Up, America

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