Islam and Muslims in Afghanistan

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Capital: Kabul
Population: 34.1 Million (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 99% (approx. 33.7 Million)

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10/11/2017 The Spoils of War: Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade
21/10/2017 Deadly attacks hit mosques in Kabul and Ghor - Al Jazeera
07/08/2017 Dozens of civilians killed in 'brutal, inhumane way' in Afghanistan - Independent, UK
02/06/2017 Kabul attack: Police shoot hundreds of protesters calling for better security in Afghanistan - Independent, UK
31/05/2017 Kabul bombing: Huge explosion rocks diplomatic district - AL Jazeera
14/04/2017 MOAB attack: Condemnation, praise over massive bombing - Al Jazeera
21/03/2017 From businesswoman of the year to £5 a day in a shared house
16/01/2017 Afghan asylum seekers resort to sex work in Athens - Al Jazeera
25/09/2016 Bacha Bazi: A Dirty Little Secret — The ‘Boy Toys’ of Afghanistan - Huffington Post
12/08/2016 A secret school for Afghans in Iran - Al Jazeera
29/07/2016 Noorjahan Akbar: What the future holds for Afghan women - Al Jazeera
06/05/2016 In Afghanistan, al-Qaeda is working more closely with the Taliban, Pentagon says - Washington Post
05/05/2016 Najibullah Popal: The man who helped save Afghanistan's treasures from ravages of war
05/05/2016 Afghanistan death toll rises fourfold to 15,000 since departure of US and British combat troops - Telegraph, UK
23/03/2016 Afghanistan villagers describe life under ISIL's rule - Al Jazeera
05/08/2015 UN report highlights Afghan conflict's toll on women - Al Jazeera
04/08/2015 In Afghanistan, Death Threats Shatter Dream of First Female Pilot
10/07/2015 How social media is empowering young Afghan women: The Facebook effect - Independent, UK
03/07/2015 Afghanistan: No Country for Women - Al Jazeera
24/03/2015 Thousands march in Kabul over mob killing of woman - Al Jazeera
14/12/2014 Multiple attacks kill many in Afghanistan - Al Jazeera
12/12/2014 Meet Afghanistan's 'Bruce Lee'
11/12/2014 A Native Daughter Returns to Afghanistan on Daring Mission: Educating Girls - National Geographic
08/12/2014 The brave women fighting for Afghanistan's future - BBC
16/11/2014 Female Afghan politician Shukria Barakzai survives suicide bomb attack on her car - Independent, UK
01/06/2014 Australia resettles 500 Afghan helpers - Al Jazeera
06/04/2014 A woman’s war: The rise and fall of Afghanistan’s female warlord - Al Jazeera
21/03/2014 Afghan couple's tale of Soviets and holy war - Al Jazeera
05/12/2013 A Tale of Three Cities - Al Jazeera
13/11/2013 The precarious life of Zabulon Simintov, the last Jew in Afghanistan - Independent, UK
29/10/2013 An Afghan Tragedy: The Pashtun practice of having sex with young boys - Independent, UK
09/10/2013 Afghanistan's 'five thousand martyrs' - Al Jazeera
19/06/2013 Kabul's beauticians make up their own rules - Al Jazeera
04/04/2013 Dozens die in attack on court in Afghanistan - Al Jazeera
13/03/2013 US drones spread fear to Afghan villages - Al Jazeera
03/03/2013 Irregular Afghan forces in focus for abuses - Al Jazeera
24/12/2013 Azra Jafari: Afghanistan's first female mayor proves critics wrong - The Guardian
08/02/2013 UN says bribe payments soar in Afghanistan - Al Jazeera
11/01/2013 Afghanistan: The challenge of 'good' vs 'bad' militias
19/12/2012 Afghans face winter risks - Al Jazeera
02/11/2012 Saudi Arabia funding $100m Kabul mosque and education centre - The Guardian
26/10/2012 Dozens dead in Afghanistan Eid suicide blast - Al Jazeera
11/10/2012 Child marriages bind Afghanistan's progress - Al Jazeera
27/09/2012 Afghan schools and clinics built by British military forced to close - The Guardian
10/09/2012 Return of the Taliban: Afghanistan takes control of Bagram's prisoners of war - Independent, UK
06/09/2012 Kabul attack on female actors leaves survivors facing more 'punishment' - The Guardian
28/08/2012 Afghan civilians killed 'in Taliban feud' - Al Jazeera
05/08/2012 Afghan citizens standing up to Taliban seek support
05/08/2012 Looted Afghan artefacts returned to Kabul - BBC
21/04/2012 Militants arrested in Afghanistan with ten tons of explosives
17/03/2012 Robert Fisk: Madness is not the reason for this massacre - Independent, UK
25/02/2012 Afghanistan Koran protests: UN compound in Kunduz set alight
13/01/2012 Taliban-corpse urination-video sparks outrage in Afghanistan
28/05/2011 Afghan government struggles to spend donated funds
25/05/2011 The Timeless Beauty Of Afghanistan's Blue Mosque - Radio Free Europe
07/04/2011 'Afghaniyat' is alive and well in Afghanistan - The Guardian
02/04/2011 Afghanistan: When gentle Mazar-e-Sharif erupted in violence
30/03/2011 Kill teams in Afghanistan: the truth - The Guardian
13/12/2010 $52bn of American aid and still Afghans are dying of starvation
20/11/2010 Afghans can draw on pre-Islamic past to solve identity crisis - The Guardian
18/09/2010 Afghan Elections: Reason for Hope
25/08/2010 Taliban poison attack or mass hysteria? Chaos hits another Kabul girls' school - The Guardian
05/08/2010 Intimidation and bombings silence Jalalabad's thriving record stores - The Guardian
03/08/2010 Burqas and bikinis - The Guardian
25/07/2010 Afghanistan war logs: Massive leak of secret files exposes truth of occupation
13/06/2010 U.S. Identifies Vast Mineral Riches in Afghanistan
05/06/2010 Afghan girls brave Taliban threats
03/06/2010 Armadillo: the Afghanistan war documentary that shocked Denmark - The Guardian
29/04/2010 France admits killing Afghan kids - Al Jazeera
26/04/2010 Afghan school girls 'poisoned' - Al Jazeera
27/06/2007 Record opium crop in southern Afghanistan - The Guardian
21/06/2007 Korean Missionaries Face Death: Taliban
13/06/2007 The defiant Afghan women promised a better life who refuse to be victims
26/05/2007 Unsuitable, unsustainable
17/05/2007 Forgotten women turn Kabul into widows' capital
08/04/2007 We want the Taliban back, say ordinary Afghans
25/02/2007 Robert Fisk: 27 July 1880. A date Mr Blair should look up
07/01/2007 Starving Afghans sell girls of eight as brides - The Guardian
29/11/2006 Disembowelled, then torn apart: The price of daring to teach girls
26/09/2006 The woman who defied the Taliban, and paid with her life
11/09/2006 Nato claims to have killed 420 Taliban in nine days
06/09/2006 Afghanistan: Campaign against Taliban 'causes misery and hunger'
27/08/2006 Taliban assassins target the clerics faithful to Kabul
22/08/2006 Unholy alliance with the Taliban that sustains a nation's drugs trade
13/02/2006 The province where the Taliban were never defeated - Independent, UK
05/02/2006 'The new Afghanistan is a myth. It's time to go and get a job abroad' - The Guardian
28/12/2005 Booming and broke - a tale of two cities - The Guardian
20/12/2005 Simple ceremony heralds new era for Afghanistan
14/05/2005 US told to act as desecration reports inflame Afghan riots
08/05/2005 Death ends feud of Kabul's last Jews - The Guardian
04/05/2005 Bowled over by Bollywood romances, young Afghans choose love matches - The Guardian
21/02/2005 UN Paints Bleak Picture for Post-war Afghanistan - Islam Online
08/12/2004 Afghanistan swears in first democratic leader - Guardian
07/12/2004 Warlords, poppies and slow progress - Guardian
19/11/2004 Afghanistan: a nation abandoned to drugs
19/10/2004 Kandahar's No 1 lady detective fights crime from under a burqa
11/10/2004 Boycott flops as Afghan poll declared fair - Guardian
02/10/2004 Beer festivals and elections: the new face of Afghanistan
13/09/2004 Bush's Test in Afghanistan - Christian Science Monitor
13/07/2004 Afghan warlords 'bigger threat than Taliban'
23/06/2004 Afghan detainees routinely tortured and humiliated by US troops
25/05/2004 Afghanistan, the war the world forgot
18/04/2004 Record poppy crop makes mockery of Afghanistan's 'jihad' on opium
20/03/2004 Injustice in Afghanistan - Washington Post
03/11/2003 Bikini Liberation?
20/05/2003 Afghan warlords hoarding income - Guardian, UK
26/09/2002 Massive post-war rise in production of Afghan opium


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