The unfortunate victims : they have names!

 This list came from Rania Masri on Saturday April 27, 1996.

This is the list of victims of "Grapes of Wrath", a brutal aggression against the Lebanese people started on April 1996 by "Israel".

April 7th, the preliminary blast
Victims of the preliminary "Israeli" blast on April 7th, the attack which began three weeks of murder, and the attack that broke the unwritten 1993 agreement.

 . Mazen Farhat (16 years, killed), and his brother
 . Ibrahim Farhat (8 years, killed).
 . Mohammad Obeid (6 years, wounded)
 . Ali Shehab (25 years, wounded)

The Ambulance
The following names are those of victims of the "Israeli" bombing of the ambulance in South Lebanon:.

 Mona Shweikh - a 35 year old mother who died along with her three daughters :
Zeinab Abbas Jiha (5 years old)
 Haneen Abbas Jiha (3 years old)
Maryam Abbas Jiha (1 month old).

Three other people died in the same ambulance:.

 Nokha Al@akli
 Hodoo' AI@akli
 Nadwa Fayez Al-Khaled

The UN compound in Qana
 The following people died at the UN compound where they were seeking shelter in Qana:

Leila lsmail
Abu Abbas Ismail
Mostapha Ismail
Ali Mostapha Ismail
Mohamad Ismail
Khadija Ismail

Abu Ali Balhas (I'm not sure about this last name)

Ali Balhas (2 years old)
Mahmood Balhas
Hala Balhas
Hussein Shawqi Balhas

. Hussein Fatwi (I'm not sure about this last name)
. Hasan Fatwi

 Im Ali Bitar
 Abboudi Bitar
 Ali Haidar Bitar (a child)
 Fadi Haidar Bitar (a child)
 Mohamad Haidar Bitar (a child)
 Wurood Haidar Bitar

 . Kamel Nayef Saad
 . Shahiyya Saad

Mohammad Hussein Deeb
Sadiq Deeb
 Qassem Deeb
Hamza Deeb (7 years old)
Ali Deeb
Saadiyya Deeb
Mohammad Ali Deeb (8 years old)
Fatima Deeb (1 1/2 years old)
Sakeena Shareef Deeb
Mohammad Shareef Deeb

 Ismail Barji - a father of 3 boys, He dies along with his wife and all three of him kids
his wife- Maryam Hashem
 the boys-
 . Abbas Ismail Barji
 . Ahmad Ismail Barji
 . Mohammad Ismail Barji
Abbas Mohammad Barji
Mohammad Barji (Abu Riad)
Safiyya Barji and her daughters
Lina Barji
Darweesh Mostapha Barji
Mortada Barji

 Ibrahim Taqi and his son,
son: Ahmad Ibrahim Taqi

. Hussein Al-Sharif - he died along with his wife and three sons
. wife- Fatima Al-Sharif
. sons:
 .Mohammad Al-Sharif
 .Qassim Al-Sharif
 . Ali Al-Sharif

Ali Khalil
Khalil Khalil
Mohammad Khalil Khalil
Mahmoud Khalil Khalil
Mostapha Khalil
Dyala Khalil

. Youssef Mohammad Abu-Khalil

 Ali Mohanna
 Zeinab Mohanna
 Hussein Mohanna

. Fatima Abdallah
. Hasan Abdallah

. Wisam Hijazi

. Hasan Sleimani

. Mohammad Ghrabi

. Hasan Nasrallah

. Ali Qassim

. Sameer Zaki

. Sobhiyya Sleiman

(a name 1 can't decipher)

. Mohammad Kamel Sakhouni (not sure of last name)

. Mostapha Salman

 Latifa Al-Sayegh

. Saadallah Ali Saadallah
 . Mahmoud Saadallah

The victims In Nabatieh
Another massacre has occurred in the city of Nabatieh where the "Israeli" occupying forces bombed a building complex. A mother and her eight children have died:

the mother: Fawziyya Khawaja her children
 0 Nujood Hasan Al-@abid
 0 Lulu Hasan Al-@abid ( 1 5 years old)
 0 Mohammad Hasan Al-@abid ( 14 years old)
 0 Ali Hasan Al-@abid ( 12 years old)
 0 Huda Hasan Al-@abid ( 10 years old)
 0 Nada Hasan Al-@abid (6 years old)
 0 Mourtada Hasan Al-@abid (4 years old)
 0 Noor Hasan Al-@abid (3 D AYS old)

Also killed in the same house were:

Ahmad Dakhil (not sure of last name)
Ali Khalil Dakhil
F atima Ramadan

Other victims

Other people who were killed by similar "Israeli" bombings:

Ali Min@im (105 years old)
Wasif Min@im
 Hussein Min@im
Wajib Min@im
Hiba Sh@ashou@
Ibtisam Yousef
Rana Yousef
Dima Yousef
Saleh Kareem
Ghoufran Saleh Kareem
Mounir Saad
Ali Diab
Hussein Rammou (not sure of last name)
 Ibrahim F arid Al-Nashef
 Jean Tanios Abu-Assaf
 Mounir Matta
Mohammad Sajir
Ayman Mounir Al-Mouqadah ( 1 1/12 years old)
Thana' Hussein Nasser
Fadl Atwi
Aida Hasan @Iyad
 Subhiyya Al-Souqi
 Mahmoud Daher (90 years old)
 Badriyya Mourtada
 Wafa' Saydani (not sure of last name).


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