Israel Occupation and Opression

Sharon's War Cannot Be Won - Ali Abunimah, NY Times

Robert Fisk: This terrible conflict is the last colonial war

I used to be a terrorist - Guardian, UK

One year on, Israel persists with death squads

Under what possible moral compass is blowing up schoolchildren justified?

Robert Fisk: After 19 years, truth at last - Independant, UK

My personal experience under the Israeli occupation

The Qana massacre two years later - Khalil Osman

Unlawful Killings During Operation "Grapes of Wrath" - Amnesty

Israel Shahak: The Soldiers Who Fired at Qana Did Not Care About the Massacre

A Tale Of Two 'massacres' - Jenin And Racak

New Born Child killed by Israeli Bullet

Robert Fisk Discusses U.S. Coverage of the Qana's Massacre.

The Blood on Israel's Hands - Media Monitors

The unfortunate victims : they have names!


Islam and Muslims in Israel


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