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06/05/2018 Kashmir's religious harmony a lesson in troubled times - Al Jazeera
19/04/2018 Kashmir erupts demanding justice for young rape victim - Al Jazeera
18/04/2018 After girl's rape and killing, fear engulfs Muslim nomads - Al Jazeera
02/04/2018 Kashmir tension persists after Shopian killings - Al Jazeera
06/03/2018 Kashmir: Civilian killings threaten new anti-India protests - Al Jazeera
06/03/2018 How custodial killings were covered up in Kashmir - Al Jazeera
02/02/2018 Kashmir families mourn civilians killed by India's army indiscriminately firing at protesters - Al Jazeera
03/11/2017 India ordered to probe 2,080 mass graves in Kashmir - Al Jazeera
26/10/2017 Kashmiris see 'little hope' in India's dialogue offer - Al Jazeera
19/07/2017 Pathan dress is terror attire, rules Military court
29/05/2017 India army chief defends soldiers who tied man to vehicle and used him as a human shield
28/05/2017 India imposes Ramadan curfew in Kashmir after violence
27/07/2017 Top rebel commander Sabzar Ahmad Bhat killed in Kashmir
11/05/2017 Restore Internet and Social Media in Kashmir, say UN Special Rapporteurs
27/04/2017 Female Kashmiri students lead anti-India protests
26/04/2017 Facebook, Twitter, other social media banned in Kashmir
22/04/2017 5 Including 9-Year-Old Girl Attacked By Cow Vigilantes In Jammu And Kashmir
12/03/2017 Jammu: Right-wing groups try to evict Rohingya refugees
13/02/2017 Shot in the eyes: Kashmiri girl tells her story
07/12/2016 Blind in Kashmir with 100 pellets lodged in his head
11/11/2016 Who is burning down Kashmir's schools?
08/11/2016 India’s crackdown in Kashmir: is this the world’s first mass blinding?
18/09/2016 More than 20 dead in attack on army base in Kashmir
03/09/2016 Kashmir's mental health crisis
30/08/2016 Kashmir: A story of defiance amid grief
26/08/2016 1 killed, dozens injured in new Kashmir anti-India protests
26/08/2016 Chilli-Filled 'PAVA Shells' Likely To Replace Pellet Guns In Kashmir
24/08/2016 Kashmir and Palestine: The story of two occupations
23/08/2016 Paralysed for nearly 50 days, Kashmir is living its worst nightmare in decades
19/08/2016 Indian Forces Fired A Million Pellets At Protesters
16/08/2016 Amnesty India's 'Broken families of Kashmir': Is this what 'sedition' looks like?
15/08/2016 Firing at stone-throwers in Indian-administered Kashmir
15/08/2016 Deaths in Kashmir clashes on Indian Independence Day
04/08/2016 Stop using pellet guns on Kashmiri protesters
19/07/2016 Facebook under fire for 'censoring' Kashmir-related posts and accounts
19/07/2016 Two centuries of oppression in Kashmir
16/07/2016 Kashmir: Why are young people protesting?
14/07/2016 Kashmir violence: Security or political problem?
13/07/2016 Kashmiri doctors lament injuries by pellets in protests
11/07/2016 How Kashmiri Muslim couple defied a curfew and walked miles to feed Pandit friend's starving family
11/07/2016 Kashmir death toll reaches 23 in protests at killing of rebel leader
23/05/2015 Reviving Ikhwanis? Parrikar's terrorism remark sparks political row in Kashmir
21/05/2015 Indian forces try to stop separatists’ march in Kashmir
22/12/2014 State elections in Indian-administered Kashmir attract record voter turnout.
05/12/2014 Deadly raid on army camp in Indian Kashmir
17/09/2014 Kashmir Dispute and Kashmir Floods Disaster – A Causal Link
11/09/2014 Kashmir monsoon floods leave 460 dead and displace almost a million
11/09/2014 Surviving the deadly Kashmir floods
10/09/2014 Debate on Kashmir in UK parliament causes stir
09/07/2014 Tourists flock to Kashmir's 'ghost valley'
03/07/2014 Life for Kashmir's former fighters 'ruined'
01/07/2014 Kashmir villagers want army firing range gone
30/04/2014 Few and far between: security forces outnumber voters in Kashmir elections
27/04/2014 India elections fail to inspire Kashmiris
05/04/2014 Kashmir tourism: In paradise on earth, few earthy matters cause trouble
02/04/2014 Three surprises from a visit to Kashmir
25/02/2014 Kashmiri villagers clash with police over suspected shooting of civilians
12/10/2013 The dilemma of Kashmir's half-widows
21/09/2013 Afghan mujahideen 'owe Kashmir a debt'
21/09/2013 Kashmir's civilians caught in the crossfire
18/09/2013 Kashmir refugees living a life on hold
21/07/2013 Kashmir militants rebuild their lives as hopes of a lasting peace grow
19/07/2013 Protests rock Jammu region, Amarmath pilgrims stopped
18/07/2013 Indian forces shoot dead six protesters in Kashmir
18/02/2013 Kashmiri man's family seeks 'justice'
16/02/2013 India eases post-execution curfew in Kashmir
10/02/2013 Violence hounds Kashmir’s cautious path to democracy
06/12/2012 Indian officers named in report on Kashmir abuses
16/10/2012 In search of a cooler, calmer Kashmir
19/09/2012 J&K govt denounces anti-Islam film; appeals for calm
18/09/2012 Hues of peace in Kashmiri tea
18/09/2012 Complete shutdown: Kashmir continues to burn in flames of anti-U.S. sentiment
15/08/2012 Employment eludes Kashmir's youth
19/07/2012 Dressing down in Kashmir
10/07/2012 Kashmir’s Torture Trail - video excerpt
09/07/2012 The mass graves of Kashmir
03/01/2012 Peace broken in Kashmir as forces fire on protesters
04/12/2011 Police stop religious gatherings in Indian Kashmir
05/11/2011 Police Arrest More Minors in Kashmir
04/11/2011 How India alienated Kashmiri people
28/10/2011 Kashmir's children 'mistreated in adult jails'
22/09/2011 DNA testing to identify Kashmir's 'disappeared'
17/09/2011 Unmarked graves: Kashmir panel wants intl probe
22/08/2011 Mass Graves Hold Thousands, Kashmir Inquiry Finds
21/08/2011 Kashmir unmarked graves hold thousands of bodies
14/08/2011 Kashmir in the collective imagination
10/08/2011 The changing face of Kashmiri dissent
02/08/2011 Since the partition of India and Pakistan, Kashmir's voice has been largely ignored.
02/08/2011 Repression and resistance in Kashmir
02/08/2011 From Kashmir to K Street
16/12/2010 WikiLeaks cables: India accused of systematic use of torture in Kashmir
31/07/2010 Deaths in renewed Kashmir violence
17/07/2010 Kashmiri women united by loss
14/07/2010 Kashmir fears forests will disappear through 'timber smuggling'
30/06/2010 Kashmir’s jinxed summers of discontent
21/06/2010 Kashmir on a knife edge once again after security forces kill three youths
21/11/2008 India revises Kashmir death toll to 47,000
21/11/2008 Let's salute the people of Kashmir Valley
07/11/2008 When Jammu's Rivers Turned Red
21/10/2008 Kashmir rivals reopen trade route
26/08/2008 Four killed as Indian troops fire on protesters in Kashmir
22/08/2008 Muslim Homes, Shops Burnt in Jammu
20/08/2008 Kashmir: a history of revolt
12/08/2008 Police Shootings Raise Kashmir Toll to 19
12/08/2008 Muslims demand independent Kashmir as Indian police kill 13
01/08/2008 Panicked Kashmiris
15/07/2008 Foreign Office urges caution as Kashmir tries to lure back tourists
08/07/2008 Muslim-Hindu tension: Land riots bring down Kashmir coalition
07/07/2008 Indian Kashmir government collapses
28/06/2008 Land Transfer to Hindu Site Inflames Kashmir’s Muslims
27/06/2008 Tormented by violence, Kashmir suffering from scars unseen
22/02/2008 From Tibet to Kashmir, shahtoosh smuggle thrives
20/02/2008 Indian police reveal Kashmiri custody death toll
28/06/2007 Kashmiri Villagers Protest After Cops Try to Rape Girl
01/02/2007 Indian anti-terrorism troops accused of executing civilians
31/01/2007 India: Prosecute Police for Killings in Jammu and Kashmir
02/01/2007 Muslim Kashmir converting to Christianity
18/12/2006 Kashmir 'border' villagers enjoy peace
12/11/2006 Fewer grooms for Kashmiri women
05/10/2006 Year on, Quake Jihad Praised in Kashmir
17/08/2006 Life in a war zone: The boy who is the boatman of Kashmir
30/05/2006 Taking the 'jihad' to Kashmir's women
01/05/2006 Slaughter in Kashmir 'will not halt peace effort'
27/04/2006 New blow to survivors with plan to wipe devastated town off the map
09/03/2006 Quake survivors beat the winter
11/02/2006 Flash flood threat to Pakistan quake survivors
14/01/2006 Kashmir: life after the earthquake
20/12/2005 Kashmir Earthquake: Embracing a sister village in need
05/12/2005 Himalayan winter fires opening salvo on quake survivors
06/11/2005 'My son is gone - my world is gone with him'
20/09/2005 Kashmir’s new headache: Hindu militants - SIFY, India
01/09/2005 Kashmiri women crack down on vice - Guardian
30/08/2005 All-women separatist squads raid brothels in Kashmir - Middle East Times
20/08/2005 Hindu Fighting for Hizbul Mujahedeen Killed - Arab News, Saudi Arabia
25/07/2005 Widepread protests against children killings in Jammu Kashmir - Outlook, India
01/07/2005 Stand-off in the peaks of Kashmir: The war on top of the world
14/04/2005 India opens rail link to Kashmir in bid to bring a sense of unity
08/04/2005 Kashmir: The high road to peace - Independent
08/04/2005 Bus pioneers breach Kashmir's 'Berlin wall' - Guardian
07/04/2005 Defying the bombers, 20 elderly passengers embark on the world's most perilous bus trip
04/04/2005 1.5 Million Kashmiris Demand Self-determination - Islam Online
01/04/2005 Brown haze: Kashmir part of US? - Times of India
16/03/2005 Rivers run through it - Guardian
17/02/2005 Bus service resumes in Kashmir - Guardian
14/02/2005 War and piste on the frontline of the battle for Kashmir - Independent
08/11/2004 Anger in Valley as Army probes rape of woman, daughter - Indian Express
08/11/2004 Glare on army in Kashmir rape - Telegraph, India
06/07/2004 Blaze destroys Islamic scripts
29/03/2004 'Kashmir Muslims prefer Pak' - Rediff
20/01/2004 Kashmir violence claims more lives
15/01/2004 Kashmir's long road to prosperity - Asia Times, Singapore
21/05/2003 Analysis: Dividing Kashmir by religion - BBC
08/05/2003 Pakistan Kashmiris dream of independence - BBC
02/05/2003 Christian Missionaries bring aid, controversy to Kashmir
28/04/2003 Stories they don't want told
22/07/2002 These murders take their toll on Kashmiri tolerance - Guardian
08/07/2002 The baraat was 10,000 Muslims - Indian Express
04/07/2002 Time to hear Kashmir's cry - Guardian, UK
28/06/2002 A New Dispute in Kashmir - Washington Post
22/04/2002 No Action In Kashmir Against Gang-Rape Criminals In Uniform - Islam Online
16/03/2002 Three hundred thousand unemployed in Kashmir
08/03/2002 Kashmir massacre samples 'faked' - BBC
22/01/2002 A fog descends on Kashmir - Guardian, UK
13/01/2002 Struggle for Kashmir Is Fueled by Clashing National Narratives - NY Times
08/11/1991 India keeps lid on torture video of Kashmir by Indian troops


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