In Indian held Kashmir, Indian army killed 4677 Kashmiri people during the year 2001 from January 1 to December 31 while 682 fell victim to extra judicial murders by the Indian forces in fake encounters and custodial killings.

According to the statistics compiled by the Research Section of Kashmir Media Service, 519 women were raped or molested during the preceding year while 2395 children orphaned and 871 women widowed.

6058 civilians were illegally arrested by the Indian police and forces personnel and 8002 tortured and injured during the year. The number of Kashmiri citizens including prominent leaders and freedom movement activists under detention at present in various jails across held Kashmir and India stands at 5605. They had been arrested on fake charges and are being held under imprisonment for indefinite periods without trials.

During their ravage and plundering the Indian troops destroyed or damaged 1988 structures of various kinds including residential houses, schools and mosques.

The statistical data compiled by KMS Research Section also reveals that 374 Kashmiris were killed by the Indian army in held Kashmir during the month of December 2001 alone. The figure includes 265 men, 13 women, one child and 95 citizen mostly youth murdered in custody. 688 common citizens were tortured or critically injured, 579 arrested and 170 houses and shops arsoned during the preceding month of December 2001. During the month, 13 persons were kidnapped and their whereabouts are still unknown. 54 women were molested or gang raped and 123 children orphaned in the month under review.


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