Bosnian Serbs admit Srebrenica massacre

SARAJEVO : Bosnian Serbs admitted for the first time
that their forces had killed several thousand Muslims
in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, saying the
perpetrators had tried to cover up the worst atrocity
in Europe since World War II.

A report by a Bosnian Serb government commission said
that it has "established that during the 10-19 July
1995 period several thousand Bosniaks (Muslims) were
liquidated in a way which represents grave violations
of international humanitarian law."

"The perpetrators undertook measures to cover up the
crime by moving the bodies," from the place where the
victims were killed to other locations, said the
report, a copy of which was obtained by AFP.

Bosnian Serbs had previously refused to acknowledge
the extent of the Srebrenica massacre of some 7,000
Muslim men and boys, carried out by heavily armed Serb
troops which overran a small force of United Nations
peacekeepers protecting the enclave.

The commission "established participation (in the
massacre) of military and police units, including
special units of the Bosnian Serb interior ministry,"
said the report, which was submitted earlier today to
the government of Republika Srpska.

In 2002, the Bosnian Serb government issued a report
minimizing the number of victims, triggering outrage
among survivors and the international community.

The commission was set up in January under heavy
international pressure.

Post-war Bosnia consists of two semi-independent
entities -- the Serbs' Republika Srpska and the
Muslim-Croat Federation.



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