Srebrenica Massacre (July 1995)

In the Bosnian silver-mining town of Srebrenica in July 1995, one of the most notorious modern acts of gendercide took place. While the international community and U.N. peacekeepers looked on, Serb forces separated civilian men from women and killed thousands of men en masse, or hunted them down in the forests.

Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia

Lessons Learned from the Srebrenica Massacre: From UN Peacekeeping Reform to Legal Responsibility [PDF]

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29/11/2017 Bosnian Croat war criminal dies after taking poison in UN courtroom - The Guardian
22/11/2017 Ratko Mladić convicted of war crimes and genocide at UN tribunal - The Guardian
11/07/2016 Srebrenica: Playing football on the ruins of genocide - Al Jazeera
14/05/2016 Europe has a troublingly short memory over Serbia’s Aleksander Vucic - Independent, UK
14/12/2015 New mass grave discovered in Srebrenica - Al Jazeera
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26/05/2015 Srebrenica massacre: British Muslim soldiers visit graves - BBC
20/07/2011 Yugoslav war criminals – in pictures - The Guardian
11/07/2011 Bosnians mark Srebrenica 16th anniversary - Al Jazeera
05/07/2011 Dutch blamed for Srebrenica deaths - Al Jazeera
11/07/2010 15 years on, thousands bury victims of Srebrenica - Independent, UK
29/08/2008 Radovan Karadzic: Butcher of Srebrenica finally in the dock
13/08/2008 Mass grave likely holds 100 more Srebrenica victims - CBC News, Canada
23/11/2007 616 bodies exhumed from Bosnia mass grave
11/04/2007 Serb 'Scorpions' guilty of Srebrenica massacre
06/12/2006 Outrage at medals for Dutch in Srebrenica
15/07/2006 Prosecutor's 'emotive' speech on Srebrenica massacre is stopped
06/07/2006 More victims found as Srebrenica anniversary looms
13/03/2006 Sanctuary in the Sun: 24 Serbs who served in military brigades during massacre lived in Phoenix
20/12/2005 Serbs tried over Srebrenica video - BBC
05/10/2005 Bosnian Serb Panel Links 17,000 to Roles in Srebrenica Massacre - NY Times
12/07/2005 Ten years late, a mass funeral for Srebrenica victims
11/07/2005 Srebrenica Muslims bury the dead - BBC
11/07/2005 Bosnia remembers massacre - CS Monitor
11/07/2005 50,000 will mark Srebrenica, but the bitterness still endures
11/07/2005 Serbs turn their backs on their past - Guardian
09/07/2005 Ten years on, survivors of Srebrenica march again on road to the killing fields
06/07/2005 Bombs found at memorial for Srebrenica genocide
01/07/2005 Pompous ceremonies will do nothing without justice - Guardian
30/06/2005 10 Years After Bosnia Massacre, Justice Not Yet Served
29/06/2005 Greek role in Srebrenica massacre investigated
10/06/2005 Searching for the truth about Srebrenica - Guardian
05/06/2005 How video that put Serbia in dock was brought to light - Observer
03/06/2005 Serbia shocked by video showing Srebrenica shootings
03/06/2005 Eight arrested after video of Srebrenica executions shown
13/05/2005 Netherlands in the dock over Bosnia massacre - Guardian
30/04/2005 After the massacre, a homecoming - Guardian
17/04/2005 How safety turned to slaughter - Observer
17/04/2005 Truth behind the picture that shocked the world - Observer
15/03/2005 Russians accused of sheltering war crimes suspects - Guardian
17/02/2005 Serbs face Muslim looting charge
29/10/2004 More than 400 bodies found in Bosnian grave
14/10/2004 Serbs admit scale of Srebrenica massacre
23/09/2004 Experts 'uncover' Srebrenica mass grave
23/09/2004 Remains of 249 found in Srebrenica
01/09/2004 'We can't forget' - Guardian
11/08/2004 Mass grave found in eastern Bosnia
12/06/2004 Bosnian Serbs admit Srebrenica massacre
12/05/2004 Bosnia mass grave exhumed
28/07/2003 Bosnian mass grave exhumed - Al Jazeera
14/04/2003 Serbia's Dirty War - IWPR
27/08/2002 Serbs, Not NATO Strike, Killed Inmates, Hague Court Hears
12/10/1998 Bosnia's biggest mass grave exhumed - BBC


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