SEX and Islam

Sex Education in Islam


Sex Education For Muslim Youths And Their Parents

Sex, Viagra and Islam

Sex Technique

Sexual Ethics



An Islamic Perspective on Sexuality

The Sexual Revolution

Sex and Our Muslim Youth (For Parents)


Islam's Stance on Oral Sex

Differences in moods puts strain on otherwise perfect marriage

Difficult to Consummate Marriage

Islamic Ruling on Masturbation

Addiction to Porn & Masturbation: Islamic Remedy

Shaking Hands with Women: An Islamic Perspective

Confused about how to satisfy my husband as he really likes oral sex and I don't

Islamic Ruling on Anal Sex


Sex Education: An Islamic Perspective

Mut'ah: Temporary Marriage in Islam

Misyar Marriage

Homosexuality and Islam

Ghusl (Bathing)

Wudu (Ablution)

E-book: The role of religion and ethics in the prevention and control of aids

Islam and Psychological Issues

Islamic Education in America

Islamic Prspective on Sex

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