Sex Technique

Any manoevre or position that adds to the pleasure of the sexual encounter between husband and wife is permissible and commendable. One exception is anal intercourse, which is forbidden in Islam. A man may get to his wife from her behind, provided the male organ is introduced in the vagina and not in the anus. This was clearly indicated by the Quran and the Sunna- The Quran says:

"Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when and how you will" (2:223)

The similie on this verse makes intercourse similar to agriculture, entailing putting the seed into the soil in the hope of getting the fruit; and this does not apply to anal sex.

Several prophetic traditions forbid the practice of anal sex:

"Do not visit women into their back passages" (Ahmad, Termizi, Ibn Magah)

When the jews of Madina argued with some muslims and said that vaginal coitus approached from behind would cause the baby to have squint in his eyes, the prophet denied this and said:

"From behind or from the front as long as it is in the vagina."  (Muslim and Abu Dawood)

"Cursed he. ..who has sex with a woman through her back passage." (Ahmad)

It is reported that the occasion when the verse of the Quran "Your wives are a tilth unto you, so approach your tilth how and when you will", was when Umar ibn al Khattab (prophet's companion and later second caliph) had (vaginal) sex with his wife approaching her from behind and was worried lest it be unlawful. He went to the prophet looking distressed, and asked why he was worried, he used the modest and shy expression: Apostle of God. I changed my saddle'last night' , He was relieved when the Quran and the prophet announced the permissibility of the practice. Another Quranic reference to this matter came with the injunction that intercourse is to be avoided while the woman is menstruating:

"And they ask you about menstruation. Say, "It is harm, so keep away from wives during menstruation. And do not approach them until they are pure. And when they have purified themselves, then come to them from where Allah has ordained for you. Indeed, Allah loves those who are constantly repentant and loves those who purify themselves." (2:222)

In Islamic law, anal intercourse even with the wife is illegitimate. If legally proven, it is punishable according to the discretion of the judge. It stands as legal justification for the wife to apply for divorce if the husband is unwilling to desist.

Over the past two decades the subject of anal sex started to make its: : appearance in scientific medical meetings that I attended, and one couldn't miss the special furyor some medical people went into, in order to prove that it Was completely harmless. Clinical series and over-whelming statistics Were presented which contradicted basic knowlege, and on one occasion the researcher even proved that anal sex Was safer than vaginal sex. The discussions were all within the context of homosexuality , and the proponents were all the time the same who advocated free sex, free abortion and freedom from religious' 'relics and taboos'. Since then, I lost my trusting nature and my faith in the integrity of some researchers and at the beginning this Was an agonizing feeling. As time passed, one became even more disillusioned. Until 1970 homosexuality was considered to be a disease necessitating treatment. But when the American Psychiatric Association declared that it was not a disease, homosexuality became a wave, a cult and a growing power until the dream became shattered with the emergence of AIDS (aquired immune deficiency syndrome) that threatens to be the Scourge of Our century.


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