Smoking and Islam

Suicide by Smoking

Mufti of Egypt declares smoking as "Haram" (forbidden)

Smoking: A Social Poison

[PDF]Fataawaa concerning Tobacco & Cigarettes
What Does Islam Say About Smoking?
Punishment for Smoking and Drinking Alcohol
Fasting & Quitting Smoking
If Smoking Is Forbidden, Why Do Many Muslims Smoke?

14/02/06 Smoking: The killer facts
10/10/05 A Tobacco-Free Madinah: A Noble Vision to Implement - Arab News
06/06/04 WHO Honors Muslim Preacher For Anti-Smoking Campaign - Islam Online
30/05/04 Dying a Poor, Lowly Death from Tobacco - Islam Online
26/01/03 Egyptian Preacher Appeals To Jordanians, Meets Royalties - Islam Online


Action on Smoking and Health

Alcohol and Islam

Cleanliness and Hygine

Islam, Nature and Vegetarianism

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