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07/10/2016 The invasion of Afghanistan 15 years ago was an arrogant, wretched adventure that caused a migrant crisis
01/07/2016 Rights group: US downplays civilian drone fatalities
15/01/2016 US admits killing eight civilians in less than three months of air strikes against Isis in Syria and Iraq
31/07/2014 US supplies Israel with bombs amid Gaza blitz
23/04/2014 No-fly list used by FBI to coerce Muslims into informing, lawsuit claims
10/01/2014 Afghan boy killed by US forces as Nato staff die in aircraft accident
02/11/2013 Pakistan on high alert after Taliban leader killed by US drone strike
22/10/2013 US drone strikes could be classed as war crimes, says Amnesty International
16/10/2013 Nearly 500,000 Iraqis have been killed according to new survey
20/08/2013 Sixty years on, CIA finally admits role in Iran coup
23/07/2013 Yemeni journalist who reported US missile strike is released from jail
31/05/2013 American Muslim sues FBI, saying he was tortured at their behest in Mideast
23/05/2013 White House says drone strikes have killed four US citizens
08/04/2013 Afghan children killed in 'NATO airstrike'
15/03/2013 Drones killing innocent Pakistanis, U.N. official says
15/03/2013 UN denounces US drone use in Pakistan
11/01/2013 'Double-Tap' Strikes In Pakistan Create Chaos To Start 2013
25/12/2012 Yemen's government tries to cover up death of civilians by US drones
19/08/2012 US 'should hand over footage of drone strikes or face UN inquiry'
06/07/2012 'Bye-bye, Miss American Pie' – then US helicopter appears to fire on Afghans
30/04/2012 Torture chamber, U.S.A.
28/04/2012 Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I.
19/04/2012 US condemns soldiers' actions in Afghanistan
18/04/2012 U.S. troops posed with body parts of Afghan bombers
31/03/2012 Man whose WMD lies led to 100,000 deaths confesses all
12/03/2012 US bids to contain Afghan shooting damage
11/03/2012 U.S. Sergeant Is Said to Kill 16 Civilians in Afghanistan
13/02/2012 Kate Allen: It's time for America to put an end to this shameful scandal
24/01/2012 US marine pleads guilty over Haditha killings
13/01/2012 U.S. Marines Urinating on Taliban Corpses Video
03/01/2012 US marine to stand trial over 2005 killings that left 24 Iraqis dead
14/12/2011 Tareq Ayoub: a 'martyr to the truth'
11/11/2011 US soldier jailed over Afghan killings
28/03/2008 Disturbing New Photos From Abu Ghraib
14/03/2008 Manacled, starved, beaten: a rendition victim's story
13/03/2008 Official US study denies Saddam had links with al-Qaida
13/03/2008 Bereaved Iraqi mother vows revenge on US
21/10/2005 Film shows US soldiers burning Taliban corpses
21/10/2005 U.S. Fears Fallout Over Reported Abuse of Bodies
21/09/2005 War Pornography
07/02/2005 Stories From the Inside
07/12/2004 FBI Agents Allege Prisoner Mistreatment in Guantanamo
05/12/2004 Uncle Sam has His Own Gulag
29/11/2004 Red Cross Finds Detainee Abuse in Guantánamo
17/11/2004 Rules of engagement - Guardian, UK
17/11/2004 Collective punishment is escalating in Iraq - Guardian, UK
17/11/2004 Children pay a price for assault on Falluja - Guardian, UK
17/11/2004 Marines Killed Four Wounded Iraqi Prisoners: US Reporter - Islam Online
16/11/2004 'This one's faking he's dead' - Independent, UK
24/05/2004 America's inhuman rights record - Rediff, India
10/04/2004 Rise in hate crimes worries Arab-Americans - Christian Science Monitor
13/03/2004 Briton accuses American captors - Guardian, UK
13/03/2004 Torture is routinely used by the US in Guantánamo Bay - Guardian, UK


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