Iraq Prisoner Abuse by Americans and British Soldiers

Abu Ghraib leaked report reveals full extent of abuse

Abu Gharib – a product of the "War on Terror"

The Abu Ghraib Scandal You Don't Know

A Lethal Cocktail in Iraq

American soldiers brutalized Iraqis. How far up does the responsibility go?

New Photographs of Torture at Abu Gharib Prison in Iraq

Photographs of Torture at Abu Gharib Prison in Iraq

18/02/06 Images of Abu Ghraib return to haunt US - The Guardian
17/02/06 Abu Ghraib leaked report reveals full extent of abuse
16/02/06 Iraqi President Condemns U.S. After New Abuse Footage - Wash Post
16/02/06 New pictures reveal extent of abuse at Abu Ghraib jail
16/02/06 Abu Ghraib Abuse Violates International Law: ICRC
16/02/06 TV says new images show abuse at Abu Ghraib jail
28/09/05 Abu Ghraib soldier sentenced to three years in jail
27/09/05 US soldier guilty of abusing Iraqi prisoners
15/08/05 Torture complaint challenges Iraq constitution - Reuters
14/08/05 Pentagon: Abu Ghraib abuse photos pose risk
13/08/05 US fights fresh Abu Ghraib images - BBC
21/07/05 'Why did they force my son into the water?' - Independent
03/07/05 Iraqi government admits abuses by security forces - Reuters
03/07/05 Revealed: grim world of new Iraqi torture camps - Observer
03/07/05 UK aid funds Iraqi torture units - Observer
20/06/05 Rights groups say detainee abuse is common in Iraqi prisons - LA Times
03/06/05 US judge orders release of Abu Ghraib abuse videos
23/05/05 Patterns of Abuse - New York Times
21/05/05 Tarnished image abroad fails to register with Americans at home
19/05/05 Fresh claims about abuse of Iraqis by British troops - Guardian
27/04/05 Abu Ghraib Only the “Tip of the Iceberg” - Human Rights Watch
25/04/05 UN investigator who exposed US army abuse forced out of his job - Independent
03/04/05 Green light for Iraqi prison abuse came right from the top - Independent
29/03/05 U.S. Soldiers Accused Of Raping Iraqi Women Escape Prosecution
11/01/05 Nude abuse: 'cheerleaders ...form pyramids' - Sydney Morning Herland
11/01/05 Abu Ghraib inmates 'like cheerleaders' - Guardian
11/01/05 Lawyer: Abusing detainees was like act of Cheerleaders - Al Jazeera
28/10/04 Abu Ghraib, Unresolved
20/09/04 After Abu Ghraib - The Guardian
24/08/04 Iraqi Teens Abused at Abu Ghraib, Report Finds
21/07/04 Iraqi Woman Recalls Abu Ghraib Rape Ordeal
23/05/04 New allegations of systematic abuse of Iraqis by British troops
20/05/04 The religious warrior of Abu Ghraib - The Guardian
12/05/04 Iraqi Female Detainees Abused As Well – Islam Online
12/05/04 Focus shifts to jail abuse of women - The Guardian
11/05/04 New Abuse Photos Include Women, Juveniles - Report
03/05/04 Photos On The Net.. ‘Iraqi Woman Raped’ - Islam Online


Salon exclusive: The Abu Ghraib files (Phots and articles)


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