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As British as afternoon tea - Mark Curtis

Britains Secret Human Right abuses - Mark Curtis

Web of Deceit: Britain's real role in the world - Mark Curtis

Moral Britannia? Evaluating the Ethical Dimension in Labour's Foreign Policy

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02/08/2014 Israel-Gaza conflict: Revealed - Britain’s 'role' in arming Israel
08/06/2013 UK's use of drones in Afghanistan 'may be in breach of international law' - The Guardian
16/04/2013 British soldier under investigation for murder over shooting of young Afghans - The Guardian
07/04/2013 Tony Blair and Iraq: The damning evidence - Independent, UK
05/03/2013 UK: Inquiry into murder of 20 Iraqis by UK troops
29/01/2013 New Iraq abuse allegations against UK troops - Al Jazeera
13/12/2012 Government pays Libyan dissident's family £2.2m over MI6-aided rendition - The Guardian
17/08/2012 Britain to pay compensation to family of Afghan boy bayoneted by soldier - The Guardian
10/04/2012 UK 'approved' rendition of Libyan couple - Al Jazeera
08/09/2011 Q&A: Baha Mousa inquiry - BBC
04/09/2011 Libyan papers show UK worked with Gaddafi in rendition operation
26/04/2011 Guantánamo Bay files: Britain joined renditions despite knowing of torture - The Guardian
18/04/2011 Secret memos expose link between oil firms and invasion of Iraq - Independent, UK
02/01/2011 MPs refused the facts on UK's part in rendition cases - Independent, UK
21/11/2010 Moazzam Begg: We settled so we could get our lives back
16/11/2010 Guantanamo inmates set to receive payouts of up to £1m - Independent, UK
06/11/2010 Iraqi prisoners were abused at 'UK's Abu Ghraib', court hears - The Guardian
26/10/2010 WikiLeaks war logs: British forces exposed over Afghan attacks
25/10/2010 Humiliate, strip, threaten: UK military interrogation manuals discovered - The Guardian
28/09/2010 Torture warnings pushed aside for Britain to join US in 'war on terror' - The Guardian
12/09/2010 British servicemen suspected of murdering Iraqi civilians - The Guardian
23/07/2010 Uncovered: Britain's secret rendition programme
14/07/2010 Classified documents reveal UK's role in abuse of its own citizens - The Guardian
07/07/2010 Six years in jail, no charge: the war on terror's forgotten victim speaks - Independent, UK
23/04/2010 Airline pilot cleared of role in 9/11 after 'nine years of hell' - The Guardian
11/02/2010 The criminal case of Usman Saddique - The Guardian
10/02/2010 Top judge: Binyam Mohamed case shows MI5 to be devious, dishonest and complicit in torture - The Guardian
02/02/2010 Clare Short: Blair misled us and took UK into an illegal war - The Guardian
11/01/2010 UK troops 'executed Iraqi grandmother' - Independent, UK
13/12/2009 Briton Mohammed Ezzouek was held in Somalia as an al-Qaida suspect: his interrogators were British - The Guardian
12/12/2009 Tony Blair admits: I would have invaded Iraq anyway - The Guardian
17/11/2009 'We did it to avenge our fallen comrades' - Independent, UK
15/11/2009 British soldiers sexually abused us, claim Iraqis - Independent, UK
14/11/2009 Britain's Abu Ghraib: Did Britain collude with US in abuse of Iraqis? - Independent, UK
17/10/2009 Britain's role in treatment of terror suspect to be revealed
24/09/2009 Iraqi 'killed in UK revenge attack' - Al Jazeera
01/08/2009 MI5 agent 'in Morocco during torture of Briton'
26/07/2009 Torture – new claim of secret UK complicity
11/07/2009 MoD may face hundreds of new torture claims - Independent, UK
09/07/2009 Further evidence that Pakistan tortured suspects for Britain - The Guardian
08/07/2009 Revealed – the secret torture evidence MI5 tried to suppress - The Guardian
08/07/2009 Torture: Barbarism and Britannia - The Guardian
06/07/2009 MI5 accused of bribe offer in Rangzieb Ahmed torture case - The Guardian
28/03/2006 Britain 'complicit' in human rights abuses at Camp Delta
23/02/2006 UK terror suspects being held in 'Kafkaesque world'
23/02/2006 Amnesty Blames UK Anti-terror Laws for Rights Abuses
23/02/2006 MPs recall Straw as air traffic controllers confirm 200 CIA flights
21/02/2006 Reid: Abuse by troops is 'the exception'
28/12/2005 Greece urged to investigate MI6 torture link - The Guardian
15/12/2005 Enemies of the state? Police fail even to question men held as a terror threat
26/11/2005 Britain gives approval to torture, claims Amnesty - Independent, UK


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