London Bombings 07/07/2005

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said one of the worst sins a person can commit is "to murder a human being." - Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 9, Hadith 10

23/09/05 Widow of bomber 'abhors' attack - BBC
18/08/05 Fatwa Frenzy
11/08/05 Louay M. Safi: Condemnation of terrorism
04/08/05 Muslims Against Terrorism
03/08/05 Muslim leaders call bombers `criminals'
31/07/05 Quran, local Muslims condemn acts of terror
29/07/05 Scholars hit back at 'evil' bombers - Guardian
28/07/05 U.S. Muslim Scholars Issue Edict on Terror
21/07/05 Canadian imams to condemn terrorism
21/07/05 `Not In The Name Of Islam' - CAIR
20/07/05 Muslim leaders pledge to root out the extremists in their community
18/07/05 Sir Iqbal Sacranie: 'There can never be justification for killing civilians'
17/07/05 British Sunni Group Condemns Bombings
14/07/05 Local and U.S. Muslim leaders say bombings violated Islamic principles
13/07/05 Muslim leaders condemning terror to deaf?
10/07/05 American Muslims decry terror attacks
09/07/05 N.J. Muslims slam London attacks
08/07/05 European Muslims Slam "Heinous" London Blasts - Islam Online
08/07/05 Australian Muslim community condemns London blasts - The Age, Australia
08/07/05 Arab Media Condemn Attacks -- Warn No Place Immune From Terrorists
08/07/05 American Muslims Condemn London Bombings
08/07/05 In Beirut Christians and Muslims condemn the London attacks
08/07/05 Friday Sermons Berate Blasts, UK Muslims Pray for Victims
07/07/05 MPACUK: Muslims Shocked By Attack
07/07/05 CAIR Condemns 'Barbaric' London Terror Attacks
07/07/05 A Joint Statement from the Muslim Council of Britain and Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

04/07/06 'Let-down' Muslims call for 7/7 public inquiry
04/07/06 Heed 7 July lessons - Muslim MP
03/07/06 One year on: Is the UK any safer?
02/07/06 7/7 one year on: Why did it happen? The big questions still need answers
02/07/06 How London defeated the bombers
23/10/05 Torn between cultures, Britain's 'orphans of Islam' turn to terror - Guardian
26/09/05 Bombing victim's first agonising steps to recovery
24/09/05 A life torn apart by terror: one woman's story of survival - Guardian
30/08/05 I'm a believer - Guardian, UK
30/08/05 Creating Islamist phantoms - Guardian
29/08/05 Islam does not sanction indiscriminate violence - Rediff, India
15/08/05 Opportunity, Religious Freedom Leave American Muslims Mostly Content
14/08/05 Listen carefully - Onserver
12/08/05 Cat Stevens(Yusuf Islam): Is the Problem Too Much Islam? - Islamicity
11/08/05 Muslims 'right about decadent UK' - BBC
11/08/05 Abode of Islam - Economist
05/08/05 The responsibility we share for Islamist shock and awe - Guardian
05/08/05 Galloway says Blair and Bush 'have blood on their hands' - Guardian
05/08/05 Jihad and propaganda - Guardian
01/08/05 Plan to improve relations with Muslim communities - Guardian
28/07/05 Take Off Hijab to Avoid Harm: UK Muslim Scholar - Islam Online
28/07/05 Leeds' unheard voices - Guardian
27/07/05 The British Media: Fair or Biased? - Islam Online
27/07/05 Why Terrorism? Why Islam? Why Now?
25/07/05 UK Muslims feel 'under suspicion' - BBC
25/07/05 Tariq Ramadan: 'We Muslims need to get out of our intellectual and social ghettos'
24/07/05 The Muslim community: 'It's our beef because it's our people. I've never been to Iraq but it makes me angry'
17/07/05 Islam UK: Anger and sorrow on the streets of Beeston
17/07/05 The violence that lies in every ideology - Guardian
14/07/05 We need to talk less, listen more, to Muslims
12/07/05 John Pilger: It's Nothing To Do With Hating Our Way Of life
11/07/05 Karen Armstrong: The label of Catholic terror was never used about the IRA
10/07/05 Hoping to be heard this time
10/07/05 Inside the minds of Britain's young Muslims - Guardian
08/07/05 Why London bombings are not the work of 'Islamic' terrorists

04/08/05 Family's sorrow for Afghan Tube victim
21/07/05 Ateeque Sharifi: The final victim
14/07/05 Muslim woman confirmed among the dead
14/07/05 Confirmed dead: the woman who embodied multicultural Britain
12/07/05 Fiaz and Benedetta were to marry. Now he waits, and hopes
11/07/05 For Sahara's sake, dont hate MUslims - Mirror, UK
11/07/05 Foreign Muslims missing after London Bomb Blasts
09/07/05 Shahara Akther Islam was a lively 20-year-old, a devout Muslim with all her life before her

29/07/05 Islam: A Call to Life Not a Call to Death - Dr. Maher Hathout
15/07/05 Bombers in our midst - Arshad Gamiet

02/02/06 Racially harrassed for having facial hair
04/01/06 Hindus caught in backlash after July 7 terror attacks
05/09/05 Mistaken identity - Guardian
13/08/05 Under watchful eyes: Is Islam on trial? -
12/08/05 British Muslims Face Increased Racist Attacks And State Harassment
10/08/05 Muslim's fear during race attack - BBC
08/08/05 Yobs in racist attack on cab driver
05/08/05 Racist abuse for bomb loss family - BBC, UK
04/08/05 British Muslims feel backlash after bomb attacks
04/08/05 Scottish race hate crimes soar after bombs
04/08/05 Britain's Muslim scapegoats
03/08/05 'Nobody intervened to help me' - BBC
03/08/05 Race-hate crimes surge after bombs
03/08/05 Hate crimes soar after bombings - BBC
02/08/05 Muslim groups condemn stop-and-search policy
31/07/05 Faith hate hotline launched as attacks on Muslims increase
30/07/05 Attacks on Muslims, Asians Increase in UK
29/07/05 Muslim fears grow over dramatic rise in violence, arson and verbal abuse against Asians since bombings
27/07/05 In Britain, a Divide Over Racial Profiling
26/07/05 Muslims tell of post-bomb fears - BBC
26/07/05 Two-thirds of Muslims consider leaving UK - Guardian
24/07/05 'Bombers, racists, the law: they're all out to get Muslims'
23/07/05 Religious hate crimes rise fivefold - Guardian
23/07/05 'The main thing we feel is fear, 24/7' - Guardian
23/07/05 Muslims in London: 'It's the way they look at you, to see what you are carrying'
23/07/05 Arson attacks raise Muslim fears
19/07/05 Shock as racists leave meat in mosque
16/07/05 Muslim fears of revenge attacks grow
16/07/05 Bomber's family: why we fear the racial backlash
15/07/05 Far right and football gangs plot 'revenge' - Guardian
14/07/05 Fears of backlash in Scotland as boy and mosque attacked - Times, UK
14/07/05 'I sense uneasiness. I am being checked out, sized up' - Guardian
13/07/05 Backlash of London Bomb Attacks in Denmark
13/07/05 Racist attack on Asian teenager
13/07/05 Muslim Man killed, Islamophobia blamed for attack - Guardian
13/07/05 Religious leaders braced for more faith-hate attacks
13/07/05 Calls for calm as fear of severe backlash grows - Guardian
12/07/05 Asian man dies in suspected racist attack in Nottingham - Times, UK
12/07/05 Muslim leaders warn of mounting Islamophobia after attacks on mosques
12/07/05 Muslims call for calm after mosque attacks
11/07/05 Mosques attacked by arsonists as Asians fear surge of race hate
11/07/05 Six Auckland mosques vandalised
11/07/05 Bombing backlash hits NZ mosques
11/07/05 Mosques warned of Muslim backlash - BBC
11/07/05 Arsonists target UK mosques - Al Jazeera
11/07/05 Wirral mosque torched in bombings backlash
09/07/05 Police investigate 'backlash' attacks
09/07/05 Move to limit backlash against Muslims - Guardian
09/07/05 Britains Muslims fear London attack backlash - Al Jazeera
08/07/05 British Muslims face abuse after London bombs

04/01/06 Terror suspects describe alleged torture 'in front of MI6 agents'
28/12/05 Greece to investigate July 7 torture allegations

18/06/06 Young, British and Muslim: one woman's journey to the home of the 7/7 bombers
13/05/06 7 July 'affected mosques' image'
07/05/06 7/7 ringleader 'had direct link with terror cell'
30/04/06 Who's behind 7/7? UK is 'still in dark'
02/04/06 Official: Iraq war led to July bombings
09/03/06 Senior officers: we knew wrong man was shot
20/01/06 Ten police officers may face charges over Stockwell station killing, says IPCC report
04/01/06 Bollywood to showcase Islam in movie on London
17/12/05 Revealed: MI5 ruled London bombers were not a threat
18/11/05 Documentary reveals London bomber's westernised youth
16/11/05 A dubious leap of faith
11/11/05 Muslim leaders blame Iraq war for 7 July bombings
01/11/05 Angry families threaten to boycott remembrance service at St Paul's
24/10/05 Terror suspect held after tip-off
09/10/05 Blue Watch relive the bomb hell inside carriage 346A - Observer
05/10/05 Compensation payments for July bombs 'too low' - Independent
24/09/05 Portrait of bomber as a dupe fails to convince bereaved - Independent, UK
23/09/05 Bomb suspect remanded in custody - BBC
23/09/05 July 21 suspect remanded in custody - Guardian
20/09/05 Al Qaeda admits to London bombings
20/09/05 July 7 bombers staged dummy run - Guardian
20/09/05 July 7 victims feel hardship as payouts fall short - Guardian
17/09/05 Radical plan to stop Muslim extremism
04/09/05 Revealed: MI6 plan to infiltrate extremists
03/09/05 Investigators examine video for al-Qaida link to bomb attacks - Guardian
03/09/05 'As a Muslim, I will spend the rest of my life confronting these people'
03/09/05 'No excuse' for speaking in the name of Islam, says Straw
02/09/05 Video of 7/7 ringleader blames foreign policy - Guardian
02/09/05 Videotapes reveal al-Qa'ida's link to July 7 London bombings - Independent
02/09/05 Terror connection suggests the attackers had explosives training
18/08/05 Suspected July 21 bomber can be sent back to Britain, Italian court decides
30/08/05 'Third man' tells of bomb hunt ordeal - Guardian
29/08/05 FO warned Blair that war was fuelling Muslim anger
25/08/05 Watchdog: Police have footage of Tube death - Independent
25/08/05 Crackdown will produce martyrs, Clarke is told - Independent
24/08/05 Suicide bombs breakthrough gives police vital clues - Guardian
24/08/05 Police marksmen could face charges for shooting Brazilian at Tube station
21/08/05 Police knew Brazilian was 'not bomb risk' - Guardian
21/08/05 Tube Shooting: who really said what and who was to blame
17/08/05 New claims emerge over Menezes death - Guardian
15/08/05 Muslim Council checks for extremists - Independent
14/08/05 Al-Qa'ida planning fuel truck attacks on London, warns US - Independent
13/08/05 Myths about the bombings
13/08/05 London bombings: the truth emerges
12/08/05 Police in 'Muslim' ribbon gesture - BBC
10/08/05 Radical cleric leaves, but his legacy remains - Guardian
10/08/05 City terror attack 'inevitable' - BBC
08/08/05 Islamist clerics face treason charges - Guardian
08/08/05 Suspected bombers to appear in court over July 21 attacks - Independent
08/08/05 Ban racist Right, Muslims tell Blair - Telegraph, UK
07/08/05 Britain divided? 'This has changed the lives of us all' - Independent
07/08/05 Saudis warned UK of London attacks - Observer, UK
05/08/05 Al-Qa'ida deputy warns of more bombings and blames Blair - Independent
04/08/05 Bomb made only of flour, says suspect's Italian lawyer - Independent
04/08/05 London put on highest alert as first man is charged over terror attacks - Independent
03/08/05 Being Muslim in London - News24, South Africa
03/08/05 Senior Tory says that suicide attacks are 'totally explicable'
03/08/05 Amateurism of UK strikes does not rule out danger - Reuters
02/08/05 France prepares to expel radical Islamist leaders - Guardian
01/08/05 Festival of fun reclaims the spirit of Islam - Guardian
01/08/05 Most wanted - Guardian
31/07/05 Extraordinary admission to interrogators by London bomb suspect - Independent
31/07/05 The attacks on London, Part One: The arrests - Independent
31/07/05 The attacks on London, Part Two: Why the search for the London bombers is still far from over
31/07/05 The attacks on London, Part Three: Conflict within Islam
30/07/05 Three remaining London bombing suspects captured - Independent
29/07/05 Further attacks likely, says police chief - Independent
29/07/05 July 21 suspects arrested - Guardian
28/07/05 Brazilian did not wear bulky jacket - Guardian
28/07/05 Bomb suspect 'became a militant' in prison - Guardian
27/07/05 'They are capable of killing again - we must find them' - Guardian
27/07/05 'He told me he was going to get 80 virgins' - Independent
27/07/05 The deadly nailbombs meant for London commuters - The Times, UK
26/07/05 LAX to London Plane Diverted - ABC, USA
26/07/05 Police name bomb suspects - Guardian
26/07/05 Iraq war increased the threat of attacks, says Major - Independent
25/07/05 Police name terror suspects - Guardian
25/07/05 Where are the July 21 bombers? - Independent
24/07/05 Muslims' vigil for bomb victims - BBC
24/07/05 Man shot in terror hunt was innocent young Brazilian - Guardian
24/07/05 Police investigation: How many more are out there? - Independent
24/07/05 Revealed: London bomber's links to Briton in suicide attack on Tel Aviv - Independent
23/07/05 Muslims fear officers have adopted 'shoot to kill' policy
23/07/05 Shot man was not bomber - police - Guardian
22/07/05 London Police Kill Man at Point Blank: Witness - Islam Online
22/07/05 Muslim community reacts with sorrow - Guardian
22/07/05 88% Muslims Say Quran Does not Permit Terror
22/07/05 Experts puzzled by bomb 'failure' - Guardian
22/07/05 On the run last night: four would-be suicide bombers - Guardian
22/07/05 Police launch manhunt after new wave of attacks on Tubes and bus - Independent
21/07/05 London attackers 'meant to kill' - BBC
21/07/05 Explosions hit London again
21/07/05 Pakistan questions Briton on 'key role' in bombings
20/07/05 Ministers warned of Iraq link to UK terror - Guardian, UK
20/07/05 Militants rounded up in Pakistan as police retrace bombers' visit to Karachi
20/07/05 Special Branch to track Muslims across UK
20/07/05 Western policies are to blame, says Livingstone - Telegraph, UK
19/07/05 Two-thirds believe London bombings are linked to Iraq war - Guardian
19/07/05 Karachi: A city of violence, murder and Islamic militancy
18/07/05 Killers' families tell of their grief and horror at 'evil act'
18/07/05 Tube bombs 'linked to Iraq conflict' - Guardian
18/07/05 Police suspect bombers tricked
18/07/05 Iraq war support 'put UK at risk' - BBC
18/07/05 Ambassador denies Pakistan linked to bombs - Guardian
16/07/05 Not hate, vengeance - Guardian
16/07/05 Journey through Britain's Muslim divide - Guardian
16/07/05 Leaders consider terrorist fatwa - Guardian
16/07/05 Labour MPs blame bombings on Iraq war
16/07/05 Bombers had been banned from mosques in Leeds
15/07/05 US Muslims Issue TV Ad Defending Islam - Arab News
15/07/05 Muslim leaders on alert for terrorist 'handlers'
15/07/05 Muslim world rejecting violence, says poll - Guardian
15/07/05 A brief moment of reflection, unity and defiance - Guardian
15/07/05 'The world in one city' - Guardian
14/07/05 The heavy mob will get us nowhere - Guardian
14/07/05 Blair: Uproot this ideology of evil
14/07/05 Disbelief and fear in a town written off by Islamist extremists - Guardian
13/07/05 British suicide bombers carried out London attacks, say police - Guardian
13/07/05 'No easy answer' to suicide bombs
13/07/05 Radical Muslim youth who aspired to be UK's first suicide bombers - Guardian
13/07/05 How parents' frantic hunt ended in disbelief - Guardian
13/07/05 From cricket-lover who enjoyed a laugh to terror suspect - Guardian
13/07/05 The police's nightmare: home-grown terrorists - Independent, UK
12/07/05 Raids linked to London bombings - Guardian
12/07/05 Admiration mingled with astonishment over calm response - Guardian
12/07/05 Terror cell 'capable of further attacks'
11/07/05 What Motive for the Heinous Crime of London Bombings?
11/07/05 Religious leaders unite to condemn 'evil' - Guardian
11/07/05 Moroccan named by newspapers as suspect condemns attacks - Guardian
11/07/05 British Muslims Subjected to Abuse After Blasts - Arab News
11/07/05 Clues from million-piece jigsaw point to experienced terrorists
11/07/05 Blair's blowback - Guardian, UK
10/07/05 Europe to mark tragedy with two-minute silence
10/07/05 Islamic leaders will issue 'fatwa' on terrorists
10/07/05 After the horror, the agonising wait: Death toll approaches 80
09/07/05 Tariq Ramadan: Living together takes effort - Guardian
09/07/05 Luton Muslims: Youngsters condemn bombs but fear reprisals - Guardian
09/07/05 Suicide bomb theory after 'anxious passenger' report
09/07/05 Death toll passes 50 - Guardian
08/07/05 Young Muslim Leader Speaks Out On Attack
08/07/05 London Blasts…What About British Muslims? - Turkish Weekly
08/07/05 Religion has no part in this - Guardian
08/07/05 'We must stand together as a nation' - Telegraph, UK
07/07/05 London bombings: inhuman and mindless, says Siddiqui - Milli Gazette, India

12/05/06 Friend says bombers did not act alone and appeals for information
06/01/06 London suicide bomber leaves behind £121,000
17/11/05 7 July bomber's motives examined
20/09/05 Al Qaida 'honoured' to bomb London - Guardian
04/09/05 Secrets of bomber's death tape - Guardian
07/08/05 London suspect: I am no kamikaze - Times, UK
02/08/05 Osman liked beer and rap, says ex-girlfriend
02/08/05 Hussain's Story: Family struggle to understand why their gentle boy became a bomber
18/07/05 Mohammed Sidique Khan: Teacher is identified as 'Mr K' who inspired other suicide-bombers
18/07/05 Shehzad Tanweer: The loving boy and murderous terrorist - Guardian
17/07/05 Teacher 'led terror attacks' - Guardian
16/07/05 Jamaican-born convert to Islam 'coordinated fellow bombers' - Guardian
15/07/05 Lindsay Jermalne: The 'quiet, likeable' man who was the King's Cross bomber
15/07/05 Police say fourth bomber born in Jamaica - Guardian
14/07/05 Shahzad Tanweer: 'I cannot begin to explain this. He was proud to be British'
14/07/05 Shehzad Tanweer: Trophy-rich athlete who turned to jihad - Guardian
14/07/05 Hasib Hussain: The boy who grew up to bomb the No 30 bus
14/07/05 Hasib Hussain: The boy who didn't stand out - Guardian
14/07/05 Mohammed Sadique Khan: Expectant father whose chosen path meant he would never see his baby

11/07/05 Blogs on the bombs - BBC
09/07/05 Guardian's Muslim youth forum: 'I pray for the victims, here and in Iraq'
08/07/05 The London Blasts: Media Review - Electronic Iraq
07/07/05 Guardian Blog: Your eyewitness accounts

27/06/06 Seeing isn't believing

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