Islam and Muslims in United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Capital: London
Population: 65 Million
Muslims Percent: 4.8% (approx 3.11 Million)


A snapshot of Muslim Britain

Islamic Britain lures top people - Sunday Times, UK

[PDF]The Muslim Presence in Britain

1000 Years of Islam in Britain

The Victorian Muslims of Britain - Al Jazeera

Noor Anayat Khan: The princess who became a spy

Latest News on Islamic News Updates

01/11/2016 More Muslim women 'will be stuck in abusive marriages' if Britain shuts down Sharia councils
16/10/2016 How Britain’s young Muslims are tapping into a £2 trillion market
18/07/2016 'This is what I'm meant to be doing': the vicar welcoming Muslims to church
14/07/2016 Oldham's 'Chai ladies' tackle racism after Brexit
25/05/2016 British Muslim women face 'double bind' of gender and religious discrimination, report warns
07/05/2016 British Muslim Sadiq Khan sworn in as London mayor
06/05/2016 Sadiq Khan Elected in London, Becoming Its First Muslim Mayor
14/04/2016 What British Muslims really think about Channel 4's show
10/02/2016 What it’s like to convert to Islam – when everyone thinks you’re a terrorist
31/01/2016 Number of UK Muslims exceeds three million for first time
12/12/2015 'Jihadis must get the hell out of Britain': Shaker Aamer says what many UK Muslims dare not in his first interview since release
10/12/2015 Meet Hussain Manawer, The First British Muslim Going Into Space
09/12/2015 A wounded soldier's response to people who expect him to hate Muslims
22/11/2015 Mitzvah Day unites Jewish and Muslim leaders in kitchen
20/11/2015 'The media have failed us': British Muslims on coverage of the Paris attacks
10/11/2015 Why British Muslims need a 'poppy hijab' to remember World War One
12/10/2015 Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain: ‘I wasn’t thinking about representing Muslims, I was thinking about my bakes’
01/09/2015 Three-year-old ultra-Orthodox Jewish children told 'the non-Jews' are 'evil' in worksheet produced by London school
03/06/2015 A story about an elderly Jewish lady and her Muslim neighbours who cared
01/06/2015 Muslims who flee Britain to join ISIS 'will not find paradise' top criminologist warns
13/05/2015 British Muslims: A Persecuted Minority?
17/04/2015 'Israel is racist and apartheid state': Green Party candidate faces backlash
12/02/2015 Number of Muslim children in England and Wales doubles in a decade with one in 12 school pupils now brought up in Islamic faith
28/11/2009 UK Muslims make case for Sharia law
09/11/2009 Police investigate gang attack on Muslim students in London
16/01/2006 Aisha Mosque Open Day - BBC
07/01/2006 Arsonists set fire to city mosque
16/12/2005 Detained for 11 hours for being a Muslim
16/12/2005 Muslim Glaswegians under pressure post 9/11 - Muslim News
10/12/2005 History made by UK Muslim model
08/12/2005 Muslim Woman Suffers Race Attack
24/10/2005 Headscarf optional at Britain's first state-funded Islamic school
18/10/2005 British Muslims face new hurdles
16/10/2005 Why Muslims reject British values - Observer
03/09/2005 Muslim women brave wrath of fundamentalists by competing in Miss England beauty contest
25/08/2005 Passionate diversity
24/08/2005 TUC wants Muslim 'poverty' ended
28/06/2005 British Students Get "Know Islam" Kits
03/03/2005 Met chief: we will stop and search Muslims
02/03/2005 What if all Muslims weren't terrorists?
02/03/2005 Muslims face increased stop and search
06/02/2005 A prince without a crown
07/01/2005 'Muhammad' Is Growing Popular in Britain
28/12/2004 British Muslims a Success Story in 2004
16/12/2004 British Muslims face increasing prejudice
07/12/2004 The Unfolding Drama of British Islam
05/12/2004 UK Creates "Climate of Fear": British Muslim Leader
30/11/2004 Optimistic, integrated and devout
30/11/2004 'Politicians need to stop making Muslims scapegoats'
30/11/2004 'Being Muslim shapes you, but first and foremost I'm a human being'
30/11/2004 'There isn't a great chasm between British Muslims and British non-Muslims'
30/11/2004 Young, Muslim and British
30/11/2004 Do you want integration or parallel lives?
30/11/2004 'British Muslims are a diverse people of many cultures'
30/11/2004 Hopes and challenges
30/11/2004 British Muslims want Islamic law and prayers at work
30/11/2004 'Muslims need to be allowed to contribute to British culture'
30/11/2004 What is the impact of the 'war on terror' on British Muslims?
30/11/2004 Are you satisfied that the leadership of the community reflects your views?
30/11/2004 'We want a just society'
05/08/2004 Ismail Patel: British Muslims are bewildered and scared
21/07/2004 Muslim Britain : In the melting-pot - Economist
01/07/2004 My £1.40 ride through Muslim Britain
19/06/2004 British ruling on dress ban sparks Muslim outcry
05/05/2004 Terror suspect tells of 'torture' that led to death wish - Guardian, UK
04/05/2004 Islam - is it a food? - Asian News, UK
01/05/2004 A Muslim in the family - BBC
13/04/2004 'How I learnt to love Muslims and hate non-believers' - Independent
01/04/2004 Towards a British Islam - Guardian, UK
16/03/2004 Desire to integrate on the wane as Muslims resent 'war on Islam'- Guardian, UK
26/02/2004 Thousands Of British Elite Embrace Islam: Study - Islam Online
15/01/2004 Inside Britain's Islamic colleges - BBC
12/04/2003 Israeli army sniper leaves British peace activist brain-dead - Independent, UK
17/10/2002 British envoy `proud' of critical comments made against Israel - Haaretz, Israel
10/09/2002 British Muslims: Pride and fear - BBC
03/07/2002 Bradford and Oldham: All quiet on the Northern front? - Independent, UK
18/06/2002 Believers try to live with a free and easy culture
17/06/2002 Muslims reject image of separate society - Guardian, UK
17/06/2002 The need to belong - but with a strong faith - Guardian, UK

15/07/2016 From Eton to Edinburgh: Muslim life in harmony – in pictures


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