Islam and Muslims in Pakistan

Capital: Islamabad
Population: 201 million
Muslims Percent: 97% (80% Sunni, 17% Shia)

Struggle between Islam and secularism in Pakistan - Zafar Bangash

In Pakistan We Have Selective Islam - Imran Khan

The position of women in Islamic Law and Pakistan

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28/04/2017 China diplomat in Pakistan changes Twitter name after 'Muhammad ban'
21/04/2017 Three women confess to killing man over blasphemy in Pakistan
16/04/2017 Pakistanis themselves give a bad name to Pakistan and Islam: Malala Yousafzai
14/04/2017 Pakistan 'blasphemy killing': murdered student 'devoted to Islam'
02/04/2017 20 people massacred in brutal drugging and stabbing at Sufi Muslim shrine in Pakistan
14/07/2016 A tribute to Abdul Sattar Edhi (1928-2016)
09/07/2016 Pakistan's legendary Abdul Sattar Edhi dies at 88
09/05/2016 Pakistan's Sister's Council: 'Men have to listen to us'
08/05/2016 Pakistani activist murdered after praising London for electing first Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan
05/05/2016 Arrests made in Pakistan 'honour killing' for elopement
28/03/2016 Scores killed in attack on park in Pakistan's Lahore
28/03/2016 Pakistan hunts those behind attack that killed more than 70 in Lahore
08/03/2016 Pakistan, the Original Islamic State?
03/03/2016 Pakistan Women's Protection Measure Declared 'Un-Islamic'
01/03/2016 Executed Pakistani hailed as hero of Islam for supporting blasphemy law
13/02/2016 The irony of 'Islamic' Pakistan
11/08/2015 Pakistan stumbles upon its 'biggest' child abuse case
09/07/2015 Blood Money Law Stirs Debates in Pakistan
20/05/2015 Despite sanctions, Pakistan's 'terrorists' thrive
19/04/2015 Age-old justice tradition losing support in Pakistan
19/04/2015 How Karachi's waste is poisoning Pakistan
01/04/2015 'They call him an infidel': Pakistan's humble founder of a charity empire
18/03/2015 Pakistan lynching: Witness describes moment crowd murdered and burned two innocent men
15/03/2015 Worshippers killed in Pakistan church bombings
30/01/2015 Deadly blast hits Shia mosque in Pakistan
25/01/2015 Massive power failure plunges 80% of Pakistan into darkness
16/12/2014 Peshawar school attack: Massacre of the innocents in Pakistan born of ambivalence towards Taliban
30/11/2014 Pak Scholars: Lynching Christians Un-Islamic
23/10/2014 Hazaras shot dead in attack on Pakistan bus
06/09/2014 Pakistan's polarised media
05/09/2014 The surreal world of Pakistan's 'political circus'
09/06/2014 Karachi airport: Pakistani Taliban claim responsibility for attack
29/05/2014 Lahore 'honour killing': Pakistan PM orders action on Farzana Parveen's death
28/05/2014 Pakistani woman stoned to death by her family
08/05/2014 Pakistani lawyer Rashid Rehman murdered after taking on blasphemy case
14/02/2014 The return of Pakistan's Balochi tribesmen
12/11/2013 Girl crawls out of grave after being raped, buried alive
02/10/2013 Child rape gets more media attention in Pakistan
28/09/2013 Special report: The punishment was death by stoning. The crime? Having a mobile phone
23/09/2013 78 killed in deadliest attack on Christians in Pakistan
28/03/2013 Pakistan's Modern Madrassahs
10/03/2013 Pakistan Christians rally over Lahore attacks
19/02/2013 Pakistan's Shias agree to bury their dead
15/01/2013 'Revolution' urged at Pakistan protest
10/01/2013 "Change of Minds and Hearts" For Pak Militants
19/12/2012 More attacks on polio workers in Pakistan
06/11/2012 Pakistan's Shia genocide
24/10/2012 Child brides blot tribal Pakistan
11/10/2012 Diaries of the girl who took on the Taliban
06/09/2012 Interactive: Karachi's killing fields
03/09/2012 Christian girl hailed as 'daughter of nation' by senior Pakistani cleric
08/06/2012 Pakistan's tax dodgers pay up when the hijra calls
06/06/2012 Four Pakistani journalists murdered in a month
15/05/2012 How CIA blood money led to family killing in Pakistan
10/04/2012 Pakistanis dead in apparent sectarian attack
09/02/2012 Pakistan's spy agency ISI faces court over disappearances
08/02/2012 Drone strike leaves several dead in Pakistan
14/12/2011 Boys freed from madrassa that held them prisoner in chains
07/11/2011 No Eid for the children of Sindh
06/05/2010 NY plot worries Pakistani Americans
04/05/2010 'All Pakistanis are terrorists'
14/04/2010 Bhutto's daughter writes new page in family history
13/04/2010 Name change stirs Pakistan protest
11/04/2010 American jihadi suspects 'set up' by police, say lawyers
10/04/2010 'Scores dead' in Pakistan air raids
05/04/2010 Shadow lands: Pakistan - a nation under attack
15/07/2007 Vanished in Red Mosque
30/06/2007 One million homeless in Pakistan
27/05/2007 Early Marriage Scars Pakistani Children
22/03/2007 Pakistan Tribes Take on Uzbek Militants
20/03/2007 'Their business is jihad'
26/02/2007 11 Dead At Pakistani Kite Festival
15/02/2007 Polio cases jump in Pakistan as clerics declare vaccination an American plot
10/02/2007 Pakistan Rehabilitating Militants
03/11/2006 Madrassa not a terror camp, say survivors
01/11/2006 Growing anger as US accused of being behind madrasa attacks
08/10/2006 Pakistan marks quake anniversary
21/09/2006 Musharraf: US threatened to bomb Pakistan after 9/11
28/08/2006 Killing of Pakistani tribal chief sparks fury and fears of war
11/07/2006 Women accused of adultery are freed as Pakistan amends laws
08/05/2006 Pakistan's rich blaze a trail in their Porsches
14/03/2006 Pakistani society looks other way as gay men party
11/03/2006 As kite fights bring death, a festival is banned
23/01/2006 Sindh's Stolen Brides
13/01/2006 US missiles blamed for 18 deaths on Pakistan border
30/12/2005 Pakistan's Islamic schools resist expulsion order
28/11/2005 Attacks leave churches gutted and religious minorities living in fear
18/09/2005 Pakistan's Youhana becomes a Muslim
24/07/2005 A nation stands on the brink of extremism
10/07/2005 Man cuts feet off 'promiscuous' wife
17/06/2005 Lost tribe struggles for survival
14/06/2005 Women's rights in Pakistan: The woman who dared to cry rape
09/06/2005 Pakistan's sexual outcasts at risk from HIV, says report
23/05/2005 Rights victory as Pakistani women join race
03/05/2005 Musharraf orders police rape inquiry
20/04/2005 Court awards hand of girl aged two to 40-year-old
04/03/2005 She was gang-raped on the orders of village elders. Yesterday, Mukhtaran Bibi's nightmare began again
30/08/2004 A morning beer in Pakistan
02/06/2003 Sharia law for Pakistan province - BBC, UK
29/05/2003 Pakistan is losing the fight against fundamentalism - Guardian, UK
27/05/2002 Un-Islamic Marriages In Pakistan Deny Women's Rights - Islam Online
06/09/2002 The power of Pakistan's progressive press - Guardian, UK
05/08/2002 Pakistan's 'culture of Jihad' - BBC, UK
25/07/2002 Gang-rape in Pakistan
23/07/2002 Women pay brutal price of 'family honour' - Times, UK


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