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15/08/2016 Five reasons to wear a burkini - and not just to annoy the French
11/08/2016 Mayor of Cannes bans burkinis on resort's beaches
04/08/2016 French mayor attacks plans for 'burkini' pool party
31/03/2016 If I want to buy a burkini from M&S, I bloody well will
17/03/2016 Fashion retailers target Muslim women with hijab lines after Uniqlo launch
30/01/2016 Inside the booming Muslim fashion industry
07/01/2016 Dolce & Gabbana debuts abaya and hijab collection
28/09/2015 H&M Muslim Ad Campaign With Hijab Model Signals Future Diversity In Fashion Advertisements
23/09/2015 Does The Hijab Have A Place At London Fashion Week? Designers Mimpikita Prove It Does
17/06/2015 Muslim gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi criticised for 'revealing' leotard worn in double-gold win
18/05/2015 Algerian woman banned from university exam over length of skirt supported by people sharing selfies of their legs online
01/05/2015 Muslim schoolgirls are being punished for wearing long skirts. In Europe. This isn't a joke
17/01/2015 Christian woman gives up tight leggings after husband admits it's hard to stop his eyes wandering
06/08/2014 Chinese city bans Islamic beards, headwear and clothing on buses
12/09/2013 Iran allows first female triathlete to compete for country
13/08/2013 Mass. bar examiners to review religious wear rules
01/07/2012 Muslim women show flair for their style of fashion
26/04/2012 Is Muslim fashion finally 'on trend'?
20/03/2009 Muslim Dress Debate Burns in Norway
05/03/2009 Enlightening the Clothes-Minded
09/10/2007 Ban teachers from religious dress, Quebec group says
17/08/2007 Faith vs. fashion
25/04/2007 Europe Discovers Muslim Fashion
20/04/2007 'I felt more welcome in the Bible belt'
13/04/2007 Technology gives Iranian women freedom to swim
05/04/2007 We, Myself and I
20/02/2007 Female Pakistani minister shot dead for 'breaking Islamic dress code'
05/02/2007 Burqini babes go on patrol on Sydney's beaches
05/02/2007 Australia's first Muslim lifesavers ride Cronulla waves
17/01/2007 Burqini Brings Muslims to Aussie Beach
11/01/2007 Muslim women want special swim pools
11/01/2007 Burqini: Muslim women's reply to bikini
25/11/2006 Modesty doesn't have to look mundane
03/11/2006 Muslim chic
12/09/2006 Islamic Dress Goes High-Fashion
17/08/2006 Religious garb fashionably modest
21/04/2006 Iran launches Islamic dress drive
22/03/2006 School wins Muslim dress appeal


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