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30/11/2016 Listen to what Muslim women in the Netherlands say about the Dutch burqa ban and you'll realise why it won't stop radicalisation - Independent, UK
05/08/2016 Muslim-American woman kicked out of Family Dollar store for wearing hijab and niqab
11/07/2016 Muslim face veil ban for workers is not discriminatory, Austrian court rules
17/06/2015 After France, Netherlands: Bulgaria bans Muslim face veil
13/01/2015 China approve ban on the burqa in Xinjiang city with large Muslim population
20/08/2014 Belgium Burka Ban: Diplomat Rips off Qatari Princess' Niqab - International Business Times
01/07/2014 The Islamic veil across Europe
20/09/2013 How many women wear the niqab in the UK?
13/09/2013 Birmingham college forced into U-turn over Muslim veil ban following outcry
12/09/2013 The faces behind the veil: Muslim women speak out against ban
24/07/2013 Filipino women teachers urged to remove wearing veils in the classroom
21/07/2013 Rioters set Paris ablaze over ban on Islamic veil
05/03/2012 Australian Muslim women must show faces for identity checks under new law
12/12/2011 Burqa wearing banned in Canada for those taking citizenship oath - The Guardian
17/09/2011 Holland Bans Niqab in Public - OnIslam
11/04/2011 French face veil ban comes into force - Al Jazeera
04/04/2011 Fresh attempt launched to introduce anti-burqa law in Belgium
09/12/2010 Spanish city bans face-covering Islamic veils in public buildings - The Guardian
30/04/2010 Afghan feminists fighting from under the burqa - The Guardian
30/04/2010 Belgium passes Europe's first ban on wearing burka in public - Independent, UK
18/04/2010 Uproar in Canada over face-veil ban - Al Jazeera
06/02/2010 Irish Imams Urge Niqab Acceptance - Islam Online
03/02/2010 France denies citizenship over veil - Al Jazeera
01/02/2010 France, don't ban the niqab - The Guardian
30/01/2010 Italy Moves to Ban Face-veil - IslamOnline
28/01/2010 For and against the face-veil - Al Jazeera
01/11/2009 UK: Our man in Cairo rashly enters Egypt's veil debate
19/06/2009 Burka Divides French Govt
19/06/2009 Why not ban full veil, says French government spokesman
19/06/2009 France split over plan to outlaw burqa
18/03/2008 Muslim women: Beneath the veil
13/12/2006 Libyan women consider the veil
18/11/2006 Dutch Muslims condemn burqa ban - BBC
07/11/2006 Italy government seeks veil ban - BBC
29/10/2006 Muslim women: Beneath the veil
06/06/2005 Italian Minister Grilled Over Fining Niqab
29/05/2003 U.S. Woman Battles Removing Her Veil For License


Niqab (Women covering all of their faces) is not Mandatory!

Is Niqab (Women covering their faces) allowed in Islam?


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