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Latest News on Hijab

14/02/2018 Hijab saga: Muslims warns Nigerian Law School, say religious war looms - Daily Post, Nigeria
11/02/2018 Saudi scholar: Women need not wear abaya robes - Al Jazeera
07/02/2018 Hijab Protests Expose Iran’s Core Divide - New Yorker
06/02/2018 Nike Just Launched Its First Sports Hijab. What Does That Mean for the Future of Running? - Runner's World
01/02/2018 World Hijab Day 2018: women across the world don Islamic headscarf - The Week
31/01/2018 Aceh requires Muslim air hostesses to wear hijab - Al Jazeera
25/01/2018 Dina Torkia: Muslim vlogger speaks out about hijabs and the rise of ‘modest fashion’ - Independent, UK
13/01/2018 Toronto Muslim girl 'scared' after attacker cuts hijab - Al Jazeera
08/01/2018 Marks & Spencer's 'Modest' clothing for women faces heavy criticism - Independent, UK
02/12/2017 McDonald’s security guard suspended after ordering Muslim woman to remove hijab - Metro, UK
20/11/2017 Dutch police officer 'may wear headscarf with uniform' - Al Jazeera
14/11/2017 New Barbie Is Modeled After American Olympian (Ibtihaj Muhammad) Who Wears a Hijab - New York Times
16/10/2017 Modest fashion: How covering up became mainstream - Independent, UK
04/08/2017 Burkini-wearing mother told to pay pool cleaning fees - Independent, UK
21/06/2017 Hijab-wearing model Halima Aden makes history as Allure magazine cover girl - Independent, UK
02/06/2017 Superheroes and hijabs: Malaysia's Muslim cosplayers - Al Jazeera
01/05/2017 May Day rallies for Muslim women's labour rights - Al Jazeera
14/03/2017 Employers allowed to ban the hijab: EU court - Al Jazeera
07/03/2017 Nike is launching a high-performance hijab for Muslim athletes - Independent, UK
19/02/2017 Modest wear is making a groundbreaking appearance in contemporary fashion – and it’s about time - Independent, UK
16/02/2017 New York Fashion Week: Hijabs hit the catwalk with immigrant-only show - The Independent
29/11/2016 What the hijab means to me - Al Jazeera
20/10/2016 Hijab-wearing Taekwondo champion divides opinion in Turkey - Independent, UK
19/10/2016 Muslim blogger launches range of hijabs to suit all skin tones - The Independent
03/10/2016 Runner in a hijab responds with grace after backlash to historic magazine cover
18/09/2016 Muslim woman wears burkini on French beach as tolerance experiment and immediately gets abuse - Independent, UK
16/09/2016 Muslim fashion designer makes history with hijab collection at New York Fashion Week - The Independent
04/09/2016 In Orlando, A 'Modest Fashion' Boutique For Hijabi Women - NPR
24/08/2016 Canada allows female mounted police to wear hijab - Al Jazeera
23/08/2016 Marks & Spencer burkini collection sells out - Independent, UK
15/08/2016 Five reasons to wear a burkini – and not just to annoy the French - The Guardian
11/08/2016 Mayor of Cannes bans burkinis on resort's beaches - The Guardian
04/08/2016 Woman 'fired for wearing hijab' as boss tells her to 'keep religion out of the office'
28/07/2016 Men in Iran are wearing hijabs in solidarity with their wives who are forced to cover their hair
23/07/2016 Nigeria lifts headscarf ban in Lagos schools
20/04/2016 ‘Hijab Day’ at prestigious French university renews veil controversy
04/04/2016 Meet The 5 Hijabi Women Who Are Breaking Barriers In Sports
16/03/2016 Uniqlo launches first range of hijabs in the UK
04/03/2016 Will America’s Olympic Flag Bearer Be Wearing a Hijab?
22/10/2015 Sweden's 'hijabista': Selling Muslim fashion - AL Jazeera
16/10/2015 Canada: Quebec go-kart track turns away hijab-wearing teen
14/10/2015 ‘Poppy hijab’ re-launched for remembrance period
08/10/2015 UK: It's not the hijab which holds women back, but prejudice
07/10/2015 Hijab fashion is so popular in Indonesia non-Muslim designers are getting in on it
28/09/2015 H&M Muslim Ad Campaign With Hijab Model Signals Future Diversity In Fashion Advertisements
24/09/2015 Photos: 15-year-old fights for right to wear hijab in boxing ring
23/09/2015 Does The Hijab Have A Place At London Fashion Week? Designers Mimpikita Prove It Does
06/05/2015 An insight into the glamorous world of hijabi fashion and how it reflects social change in Turkey.
09/04/2015 Australia: Debate over council‘s non-Muslim hijab move
03/04/2015 Woman says she was attacked on Montreal subway for wearing a hijab
03/04/2015 US Christian wears hijab for 40 days
01/04/2015 China: Muslim couple imprisoned for beard and hijab
01/04/2015 Islam-Fearing Tajikistan Says Hijab Is for Prostitutes
27/03/2015 Rania El-Alloul, kicked out of Quebec court for wearing hijab, fights back
16/03/2015 Fashion blogger Dina Torkia: ‘There’s a fear factor around the hijab’
13/03/2015 Germany reverses headscarf ban for Muslim teachers
14/11/2014 Swiss Court Support School Hijab
30/10/2014 Poppy Hijab for British Brave Muslims
15/10/2014 Australian women wear hijabs in support of Muslim community
26/09/2014 Qatar Basketball Quits Asiad Over Hijab Ban
24/09/2014 New hijab fashion store opens, as Muslim community overwhelmed by support - Canberra Times
14/09/2014 Row erupts over wearing of hijabs in our schools - Independent, Ireland
13/06/2014 Hijab Ban Threatens Basketball Phenom, Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir
25/01/2014 The Hijab — The Meaning of a Scarf
16/12/2013 Brighton High School students don hijabs to explore literature, religion and identity
05/12/2013 A non-Muslim, I’m wearing a hijab to make a statement
02/12/2013 The hijab-wearing rapper: Egyptian teenager stands up for victims of sexual harassment after starring on Arabs Got Talent
23/11/2013 Indonesia: Policewomen begin wearing 'hijab'
22/11/2013 Women in hijab set to fight it out in Dubai
21/11/2013 Canada: Edmonton police working on hijab option for uniform
14/11/2013 Singapore ‘Hijab Movement’ Facebook page mysteriously disappears
13/11/2013 Singapore: Campaigners bid to overturn hijab ban
11/11/2013 Two Muslim girls leave nursing school over hijab ban in Prague
08/10/2013 Turkey lifts decades-old ban on headscarves
09/09/2013 Do not wear headscarves; do not wear crucifixes; do not question the syllabus: France’s school rules
09/09/2013 USA: Muslim clerk wins hijab fight against Abercrombie and Fitch
29/03/2013 Hijab controversy dominates Le Bourget
22/07/2013 France's headscarf war: 'It's an attack on freedom'
03/04/2013 Hijab Controversy Dominates Le Bourget
27/03/2013 Nigeria Muslims, Christians Seek Hijab Deal
11/12/2012 Muslims Protest against Hijab Ban in Turkey
10/12/2012 British Muslim women remove hijab to end their unemployment woes
10/12/2012 To hijab or not to hijab - a Muslim businesswoman's view
07/12/2012 Ethnic minority women face jobs crisis
09/11/2012 Bankers, Muslim rights group discussing issue of head coverings
04/11/2012 German Dentist Fined for Anti-Hijab Bias
17/10/2012 Egyptian teacher 'cut hair of schoolgirls who refused to cover heads'
04/03/2012 Velcro's dramatic save leads football to lift ban on hijab - Independent, UK
13/10/2011 Muslim Hijab Sparks New Islam-Related Controversy in Spain
12/10/2011 ‘Scarf or hijab’ debate stirs Uzbekistan - Khaleej Times
15/07/2011 Atlanta woman, Kulsoom Abdullah, makes history at weightlifting event
21/01/2011 Hijab makes a return in Tunisia
27/10/2010 Pink Hijab Day a heads up to breast cancer awareness
20/08/2010 Norwegian court rules hijab ban illegal - The Sydney Morning Herald
18/08/2010 Muslim Woman Sues Disneyland Over Hijab - Voice of America
02/02/2010 Hijab... American Experience - Islam Online
24/01/2010 French Imams Support Burqa Ban
12/09/2009 Belgian Schools Ban Hijab - Islam Online
03/09/2012 Egypt state TV lifts ban on veiled presenters
04/12/2009 UK: Supermarket says sorry in hijab row
24/11/2009 DUBAI: Now, she can look pious in hijab and cool in her shades
21/11/2009 Hijab ‘Bars’ Indonesians From Civil Service
14/11/2009 Canadian-designed hijab lets girls play sports safely
12/08/2009 French woman threatens legal action over 'burkini' ban - The Guardian
26/07/2009 Female lawyers in Gaza ordered to wear headscarf - Independent, UK
22/06/2009 Sarkozy says burqas 'not welcome' - Al Jazeera
30/03/2009 Wearing hijab and following fashion is all about layering, says Jana Kossaibati. So what do you do when the weather gets warmer?
27/03/2009 Hijab Banned in Bulgaria Schools
27/03/2009 European Court sanctions French headscarf ban
20/03/2009 Muslim Dress Debate Burns in Norway
06/03/2009 Lawmaker backs off bid to ban hijabs on drivers' license photos
05/03/2009 Enlightening the Clothes-Minded
01/03/2009 Hijablogging In Vogue
24/02/2009 Scarf exposes Norman woman’s beliefs
05/02/2009 Hijab allowed with police uniform in Norway
21/12/2008 Muslim’s refusal to remove veil in court sparks debate
27/06/2008 Muslim headscarf divides, disturbs in Denmark
25/06/2008 Zainab al-Khatib: Denmark's Veiled Soccer Star - Islam Online
15/05/2008 Germany: Headscarf Law Applies to All Religious Coverings, Judges Say - Deutsche Welle
20/03/2008 Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey sparks veil outcry - BBC
09/03/2008 Hijab No Threat to Secularism: Greece - IslamOnline
09/02/2008 Turkey Relaxes Hijab Ban - Islam Online
03/02/2008 Minority Report: The Jewish 'Burqa'?
16/12/2007 Canada: Group lobbies for allowing religious head scarves in soccer
18/11/2007 Canada Hijab Phobia Spreads to Judo - Islam Online
16/11/2007 Danish Parliament Not Ready for Hijab - Islam Online
03/11/2007 Cover(Ed) Girls: Young Muslim- American Women Are at the Forefront of a Movement Toward Modesty, but That Doesn't Mean They Aren't Fashionistas
14/10/2007 Muslim soccer player benched due to head scarf
03/08/2007 Tajik Universities Bar Hijab-Wearing Girls From Exams
30/07/2007 Dressed In Hijab: More Muslim Girls Playing Soccer
18/04/2007 Tajikistan reinforces head scarf ban, prohibits revealing Western clothes at schools
17/04/2007 Egypt anchorwomen battle for hijab - BBC
27/02/2007 Hijab Red Card Sparks Uproar in Quebec
12/12/2006 Ruqaya Al-Ghasara: Hijab No Obstacle to Asian Gold - Islam Online
12/12/2006 Under the hijab: Muslim women seek acceptance of culture, clothing
16/11/2006 The Hijab in Belgium: A Paradox of Emancipation and Suppression - Islam Online
09/11/2006 Europe diary: Headscarf chic - BBC
06/11/2006 Hutchison: Wearing hijab on Nov. 13 honors slain Afghan mother
21/10/2006 Hip HIJAB
16/09/2006 Hijab Ban Sharpens Muslim Isolation
09/05/2006 School uniform row grips Germany
12/04/2006 Backstory: A teen hijabi comes of age
04/04/2006 French Dressing
01/02/2006 Hijab Girls with Hoop Dreams
30/01/2006 USA: Muslims stitch a solution
20/11/2005 The big cover-up - Observer
23/09/2005 Hijab doll ousts Barbie as Muslim favourite - Guardian
10/09/2005 Youths return to Islam - Mercury News
03/06/2005 Hijab-clad Azeri Teacher Sues Over Dismissal
02/03/2005 Muslim pupil wins religious dress ruling
24/02/2005 Wearing a hijab makes you no less American
21/02/2005 France’s Hijab Ban Triggers Domino Effect
06/11/2004 Unsmiling Hijabis - MPACUK
06/09/2004 Hijab Sign Of Modesty, Pride For USF Wearers
14/06/2004 Women vow to protect Muslim hijab
03/06/2004 My hijab, my self - News Review
12/05/2004 Protecting the Hijab
10/05/2004 Hijab ban: Racist hypocrisy - Axis of Logic
10/05/2004 Look past the hijab - Guardian, UK
07/05/2004 French deny Muslim visa over scarf rule
23/04/2004 Sikhs make mockery of French ban on the veil - Independent, UK
17/04/2004 Is the Muslim head scarf a threat to democracy?
10/03/2004 German Muslim woman gets creative with headscarves - Khaleej Times, UAE
22/03/2004 UN official slams French ban on Muslim headscarf - Expatica Netherlands
16/02/2004 Scarf ban? Not in Toronto - Toronto Star, Canada
16/02/2004 Australian Women embrace the hijab - Daily Telegraph, Australia
05/02/2004 The war of the headscarves - Economist
04/02/2004 Muslim women's headscarves bane or boon? - Indian Express
18/01/2004 Muslim women protest scarf ban - Washington Times
31/12/2003 Forget fashion, this is freedom - Telegraph, UK
18/12/2003 Islam's All-Enveloping Hijab Is Hip in Indonesia - Reuters
13/12/2003 Veiled is beautiful, say Egypt's feminists and fashionistas - Independent, UK
11/12/2003 Headscarves: Contentious cloths - BBC
11/12/2003 Headscarf row hides deeper issues - BBC
05/12/2003 Politics of the Veil - Radio Netherlands
01/11/2003 Veiled feminism - Guardian, UK
02/09/2003 First Veiled Muslim Woman In Swedish TV - Palestine Chronicle
22/04/2003 French Muslims angry at veil move - Guardian, UK
08/09/2002 More women of Islamic faith opting to wear traditional veils
20/06/2002 Why I took the hijab - Guardian, UK
25/09/2001 Donning Scarves in Solidarity
25/09/2001 Muslim women's hijab is proud expression of their faith


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