Islam and Muslims in Serbia

Serbia Flag

Capital: Belgrade (Beograd)
Population: 7.1 million (July 2017 est. - excluding Kosovo)
Muslims Percent: 3.1% (approx. 220,000)

The ultimate underlying reason for the breakup of Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia's Muslim Nation - Dennison I. Rusinow, UFSI Reports, 1982 [PDF]

Islam at the Balkans in the past, today and in the future - YSSSR, Niš, Serbia, 2007 [PDF]

Serbia's Sandžak: Caught Between Two Islamic Communities - by Sandra King Savić [PDF]

Remembrance of the Ottoman Heritage in Serbia - Siri Therese Sollie [PDF]

The Ottoman Empire as Friend and Foe: Perceptions of Ottoman Rule in Serbia and Bosnia and Thereupon Based Nationalisms [PDF]

Islamophobia in Serbia: National Report 2016 - Bojan Perovic [PDF]

23/04/2018 Radovan Karadzic: Bosnian Serb ex-leader condemns war 'myths' - BBC
04/04/2018 Serbia Jails Seven Muslims For Involvement In Syria War - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
15/11/2017 With just one mosque, Belgrade's Muslims are forced to improvise - Reuters
08/09/2017 At Balkan crossroads, anger at ‘black sheep’ image - Politico
04/09/2017 Serbia Charges Five For Wartime Killing Of Muslims - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
12/05/2017 Refugees in Serbia 'sprayed with insecticide' before forceful eviction - Independent, UK
01/06/2016 Serbia's Islamic Communities Need Reconciliation, New Mufti Says - Balkan Insight
24/05/2016 Radovan Karadžić sentenced to 40 years for Srebrenica genocide - The Guardian
18/06/2015 As Ramadan Begins, Muslim Migrants Welcomed At Belgrade Mosque - NPR
26/05/2011 Serbian war criminals: Slobodan Milosevic profile - The Telegraph, UK
26/07/2008 The Sarajevo legacy - Independent, UK
22/07/2008 Karadzic and the largest mass murder in Europe since WWII - Independent, UK
27/02/2007 Serbia condemned for Srebrenica despite acquittal on genocide charge - The Guardian
22/02/2007 UN court rules Serbia did not commit genocide in Bosnia
29/06/2006 Serbs mark historic disaster day with renewed gloom - The Guardian
21/04/2006 "Banned" Bosnia Rape Tragedy Film (The Grbavica) Best-seller in Serbia - Islam Online
27/02/2006 Serbia to be first nation charged with genocide
21/12/2005 Serb commander shows no remorse for videotaped killings - The Guardian
03/06/2005 Serbia Arrests Srebrenica Killers After Shocking Video - Islam Online
02/05/2005 Sainovic, Milosevic's Shadow Man, Surrenders to War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague - Islam Online
09/07/2001 Will Curbing Criminals Curb Serbian Crimes? - Islam Online


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Srebrenica Massacre (July 1995)

Ethnic Cleansing of Muslims in Kosovo (1999)

Islam and Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina


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