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17/03/2018 'There is no kosher meat': the Israelis full of zeal for going vegan - The Guardian
15/02/2018 Does veganism go against Muslim beliefs? - Metro, UK
26/11/2017 Where does halal meat come from? - Al Jazeera
26/11/2017 The rise and rise of 'halal' business - Al Jazeera
06/06/2017 Halal tourism: Kuala Lumpur welcomes the Muslim travellers others didn't want - The Guardian
14/11/2016 More halal food options in Japan
08/11/2016 Perth's first Halal food bank is about more than keeping the faith
27/10/2016 Russia sees steady rise in halal meat products
25/10/2016 Don't make this about Islam – there is no such thing as 'humane slaughter' in the meat industry
25/10/2016 Halal meat study press coverage misleading and 'insulting' to Muslims, author claims
06/08/2016 French Muslim association proposes tax on halal food to fund mosques and fight radicalisation
05/08/2016 Halal supermarket in Paris told to sell pork and alcohol or face closure
27/05/2016 China’s Halal Constitution
04/01/2016 S. Korean food producers set sights on halal market
03/01/2016 Japan's restaurants look to cater to the halal food industry
23/12/2015 Attackers charged after Indian lynched for eating beef
20/12/2015 U.S. fast food chain now caters to Muslim consumers, replacing pork with halal beef and chicken
24/08/2015 Why China wants a bite of the booming halal food market
08/07/2015 Swedish politician slammed for suggesting Halal food 'turns people into Muslims'
03/02/2015 Halal slaughter: Outcry after undercover film exposes brutality of industry
30/07/2014 A bite of Halal Food
26/07/2014 Ramadan in the Big Apple is just one challenge for halal food vendor
23/07/2014 Outrage as French politician compares dead Palestinian child to Halal meat
21/07/2014 Edmonton developing a taste for halal meat
07/07/2014 Halal food for thought
20/02/2014 Denmark's ritual slaughter ban says more about human hypocrisy than animal welfare
25/10/2013 Muslims in Korea want more mosques and halal food
24/10/2013 Vietnam seeks investments in Malaysia's halal sector
17/10/2013 Halal Food Classification Under the Microscope
16/10/2013 Malaysia: Star Cruise opens Halal restaurant for Muslims
15/10/2013 Polish Muslims drop Eid sacrifice amid protests, halal ban
25/09/2013 Halal food: a market waiting to be tapped into?
11/09/2013 Taste of halal: Islamic food festival debuts in Chicago
24/07/2013 Aussie Muslims Denounce Anti-Halal Stickers
16/03/2013 Locusts become Israel's latest delicacy
14/02/2013 Dutchmen in horsemeat scandal also sold 'halal' horse: Report - The Straits Times, Singapore
03/02/2013 'Halal pork' supplier named - The Guardian
31/01/2013 Sinhala Buddhists should not consume Halal foods: BBS will never support 13th amendment - Asian Tribune, Sri Lanka
22/01/2013 McDonald's pays out $700k to Muslims after falsely saying its food was halal - Daily Mail, UK
03/05/2012 Bringing a Muslim Culinary Tradition Mainstream - Inc.
28/11/2011 Muslims outraged by claim of fake halal meat - The Orange County Register
25/11/2011 On Thanksgiving, why hate halal? -
06/11/2011 'Halal Whisky', Non-alcoholic Beverage by Scottish Distillers Appalls World
06/11/2011 Halal and kosher hit by Dutch ban - BBC
17/07/2011 Consumer Corner: Halal not just for Muslims anymore - UPI
19/12/2010 Muslim and Jewish groups object to labelling of ritually slaughtered meat - The Guardian
11/06/2009 Observant Muslims Find More Options for Dining Out
03/01/2009 Point to ponder: How genuine is halal stamp?
11/12/2008 Holidays bring increased demand for goat meat - Chicago Tribune
19/11/2008 Street Food - Mumbai - Al Jazeera
07/11/2008 Halal Food Saves China Muslims - Islam Online
10/10/2008 Chickpea wars: Israelis up in arms at bid to stop them selling hummus - Independent, UK
21/09/2008 A food lover's tour of Istanbul, Turkey - LA Times
06/05/2007 For a Small Slaughterhouse, A Dash of Local Glory - New York Times
05/05/2007 Jews, Muslims find common ground in food - East Bay Times, USA
21/03/2007 Muslims find more halal restaurants and food providers -
25/11/2006 German Muslims Extol Halal Butchery Ruling - Islam Online
04/09/2006 UK: Halal chocolate arrives at Tesco - BBC
05/07/2006 Jersey: Halal first for island's Muslims - BBC
12/06/2006 USA: At last, fast food for Muslims
08/05/2006 Halal menu 'should appeal to all' - BBC
06/05/2006 Muslim diet is strict, healthy and delicious
05/05/2006 Halal Meets Kosher
18/03/2006 A Growing, Confusing Market for Halal Food - Washington Post
02/11/2005 US: Halal foods more widely available
20/10/2005 Halal: 'Permitted' food options grow along with our Muslim community
15/08/2005 Halal burger bar opens in Paris - Guardian
19/07/2005 Halal food options become common
02/05/2005 A Taste for Halal Meat - Washington Post
16/12/2004 Halal site guides hungry Muslims - BBC
30/10/2003 Kosher food festival looking to Muslim customers - Sun Sentinel, USA
14/09/2003 The slaughterhouse rules - Guardian, UK
25/08/2003 New food-labeling law to protect Muslim consumers - Star Telegram, USA
10/08/2003 Brewers go head to head in battle for Muslim markets - Observer, UK
11/06/2003 Muslims unite with Jews to defend animal slaughter rites
12/03/2003 Consumers 'conned over chicken' - BBC



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