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Capital: Washington, DC
Population: 326 Million (July 2017)
Muslims Percent: 1.5%-2% (Approx 5 Million)

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Latest news on Islam and Muslims in America on Islamic News Updates
Latest news on Islam and Muslims in USA on Islamic News Updates
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11/01/2018 Islam Will Be the Second-Biggest U.S. Religion by 2040 - Newsweek
04/01/2018 By 2050 the number of Muslims is projected to reach 8.1 million, or 2.1 percent, of the total US population. - Al Jazeera
14/11/2017 New Barbie Is Modeled After American Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad, Who Wears a Hijab - New York Times
02/09/2017 Hurricane Harvey: Mosques open doors to victims of devastating flooding in Houston - Independent, UK
08/08/2017 More than $84,000 raised after Minnesota mosque bombing - Al Jazeera
18/06/2017 Ramadan in Philadelphia's African American community - Al Jazeera
05/03/2017 Life as a Muslim in New York – in pictures - The Guardian
29/01/2017 Americans raise $600,000 to rebuild burned Texas mosque - Al Jazeera
29/12/2016 This Iowa heart doctor wants to improve America's attitude toward Muslims - Des Moines Register, USA
22/11/2016 A Muslim girl wasn’t allowed to box in a hijab, so her opponent shared victory with her
07/09/2016 Islam In Ithaca
30/08/2016 These are the American cities where police officers can wear hijabs - Splinter News
13/08/2016 Ibtihaj Muhammad Wins Bronze in Fencing, First U.S. Athlete to Compete at Olympics Wearing a Hijab - US Magazine
27/04/2016 To Change or Not to Change ‘Muslim’ Last Names
06/03/2016 The FBI has a new plan to spy on high school kids across the country - Salon
24/01/2016 Commentary: The history of Muslims in the US
07/01/2016 Black Muslims here strive to save young lives - Philadelphia Daily News
06/01/2016 A new estimate of the U.S. Muslim population - Pew Research
08/12/2015 The Muslims who shaped America – from brain surgeons to rappers - The Guardian
06/09/2015 Immigration to swell U.A. Muslim population to 6.2 million
02/08/2015 American Muslims: A Vibrant History, Misplaced Hatred
13/02/2015 Yarrow Mamout, the slave who became a Georgetown financier - Washington Post
02/02/2015 Dearborn, MI: Where Muslims Are…Americans - Daily Beast
26/12/2014 US Muslims Serve Hundreds of Xmas Meals
18/12/2014 Islam and the U.S. - Backstory
25/11/2014 Islam is woven into Michigan history
24/07/2014 The new generation of Muslim American leaders - Al Jazeera
08/07/2014 Filming Philadelphia’s Muslim past and present
12/06/2014 Non-Christian believers in Alabama? Chances are, they're Muslim
10/05/2014 Bay Area Muslim panels try to shed a light on a diverse religious group
06/03/2014 Modest Muslim Attire Draws Attention at Oscars - OnIslam
16/02/2014 Islam in the US – A brief history - The Christian Science Monitor
06/01/2014 Film puts lives of Detroit-area Muslims in spotlight - USA Today
17/10/2013 Muslim Americans more popular than the Tea Party
13/10/2013 Muslims have been woven into fabric of America
12/10/2013 The Surprising Story Of 'Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an' - NPR
22/11/2009 US Launches Muslim Technology Fund
17/04/2009 Why Muslims Left the Republican Party
15/03/2009 Muslim advocates get soft-spoken leader
24/01/2009 Obama shuts network of CIA 'ghost prisons'
12/11/2008 Michigan's First Muslim Woman State Lawmaker, Rashida Tlaib - Islam Online
27/09/2008 W. Deen Mohammed, A guiding light for African-American Muslims dies
14/04/2006 Preaching Islam In America
14/12/2005 Islam in America - 3 Articles from Seattle Times
14/12/2005 Islam in America, the present and future
07/12/2005 8 times, Al-Arian hears 'Not guilty'
03/12/2005 Still us and them?
22/11/2005 Campus Greek Life Could Get Islamic Touch
03/11/2005 There are more Muslims that some numbers tell - Miami Herald
04/11/2005 10,000 protest against Bush
03/11/2005 Woman. Muslim. American. In her campaign for social justice, Sarwat Husain shatters the stereotypes - San Antonio Current
23/10/2005 Young, Muslim and living in America
04/10/2005 A look at American Muslim history - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
24/09/2005 Jewish Radical Gets 20 Years in Mosque Bomb Plot
21/09/2005 When the Landlord Is Muslim - New York Times
20/09/2005 Bias threatens Muslim careers
10/09/2005 Muslims face misconceptions From hate crimes to school bullies
04/09/2005 Muslims aim to challenge critics in America
27/07/2005 More Americans See Islam in Favorable Light: Poll - Islam Online
24/07/2005 Iran militant is now hero of US right - Observer, UK
19/07/2005 American Muslims ache, too
26/04/2005 Americans don't understand Islam
21/03/2005 After 9/11, Azadeh Zainab Sharif started wearing the hajib - San Fransisco Gate
14/03/2005 Muslim American: A new identity? - BBC
08/10/2002 Census 2002: Muslim immigrants learn, prosper in Twin Cities


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