Islam and Muslims in Cuba

Cuba Flag

Capital: Havana
Population: 11.18 Million
Muslims Percent: 0.1% (approx 11,000 people)

Islam and Muslims in Cuba

[PDF] Muslims in Cuba - Dr. Luis Mesa Delmonte

23/09/2016 The Muslims of Cuba
03/07/2016 Cuban Muslims celebrate Ramadan despite the obstacles
02/07/2016 Islam thrives in communist Cuba
11/04/2016 Practicing Islam in Catholic Cuba
11/04/2016 Muslim Community Grows in Catholic Cuba
02/04/2015 What is it like to be a Muslim in Cuba?
05/02/2015 Will Cuba soon get its first mosque? Muslims in Havana hope so
03/10/2014 Islam in Cuba, an Unknown World
02/10/2014 Cuba rejects plans for first mosque
26/04/2014 Turkey granted permission to build first mosque in Cuba
25/04/2014 Halal in Havana: Turkey May Be Building Cuba’s First Mosque
06/08/2012 Embracing Reverts to Islam
26/08/2010 Being Muslim in Cuba
21/04/2006 Some Cubans are converting to Islam
01/04/1995 The Arabs of Havana


The Beauty of Islam in Cuba — A Convert Community is Growing in the Island Nation

A Young Muslim in Old Havana

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